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Name: Kristian
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Unhappy He's Dead But I Still See Him - February 22nd 2009, 06:48 PM

Im bisexual and ive been that way for nearly 4 yrs and im 14 now, i met this guy called will and we quickly became best friends, doing everything together, i realised about 6 months after we met that i was falling in love with him and i soon asked him if he was gay, he told me he was bi and had he'd fallen for me about the same time , i fgell for him, we started dating and were going out for about 3 yrs when his dad decided to move to america for a yr, they moved to los angelos and after both of us feeling empty we decided to break up until they moved back, on january 11th he was killed in either a hit and run or a drive by shooting. i became depressed and tried suicide until after counselling i slowly got over him, i still love him with all my heart and recently i've started seeing him everywhere i go, i might walk past a gang of my year boys at school and he would be one of them, winking at me, i would catch a glance at a mirror and see his reflection instead of mine. Its driving me crazy, can someone please help me understand what and why its happening?