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Unhappy What did I do to deserve this? - April 8th 2011, 03:42 AM

So, this year hasn't been the best for me, there's been a whole lot of drama between friends and such (I'm in college, btw). Any who, just when I thought everything was getting better, one of my friends goes and pretty much destroys that. So, said friend has a deviantart account, where she keeps a public journal and she knows I know her account cause I've made comments about the name before. I went on there today to read her new post which turned out to be about her ranting about all the bad stuff, but then the topic turns to me and about how she thinks I'm all impulsive with my life decisions and what I do. Like, I came out as being transgender back in october, and said friend (who just so happens to be trans too, but hasn't told me) says she doesn't believe me. She also thinks I switched my major to dental care because I went to the dentist.
Like, there are things that have happened in my past that have caused me to make these choices, and now I feel like I have to justify everything in my life to her. After I read that article, it made me fell sick to the point where I broke down into tears. I trusted this person and felt so comfortable telling them so much about myself and now I feel betrayed by them. I don't know what to do, and now I feel extremely depressed and like I have to be a dorm mat to this person so they won't blast me on the internet again. I just kinda wish I didn't have to have friends and could just wake up, go to class, do homework, and sleep. That would cause so few problems in my life.

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