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Re: How will smoking weed affect me? - April 27th 2011, 03:03 AM

In my personal experience I've found that it changes people in a negative way. I smoked weed for nearly 4 years throughout high school and got in trouble with the law. Since then Iíve quit. Looking back Iíd argue otherwise but now I realize the friends I had were only there because of the drug. It made me lazy I hardly tried in school solely because of it. A big problem with pot is that itís a gate way drug. People smoke pot to get high why else? Well once they feel what itís like people start talking about other clean highs from other substances.

Itís a bad idea period, nothing good comes from it. I talked a buddy into it years ago at the start of highschool because I thought it was cool. By the end for grade 12 he was living on the streetís hoping from shelter to shelter trying to keep his head out of the rain, I feel responsible for that. Over the years he really changed and got aggressive. Every time weíd spark a joint heíd complain how someone would hog it and heíd genuinely get pissed if you took more then two hits.

The biggest mistake a lot of people make is taking advice from people who currently use the drug. Donít get uneducated advice. Iím sure a doctor could shed some light on the health aspect of smoking it, anyone who says "no ones died from smoking pot" clearly hasnít met enough people.

Want some good advice, stay away from it. What you've got to lose is much greater then a 45m high. People who trust themselves with just smoking pot are the ones who fall apart first.

Take Care.
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