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Re: Too Old For Spanking Or . . . ? - June 22nd 2011, 06:25 AM

Originally Posted by Strummer View Post
Once again, thanks for your and everyone's input. Thanks for the link which will help me understand where you are coming from. However, my mom will never see it, as I wouldn't dare to have her know that I am seeking feedback here. Since I have grown up in this situation, it is not as weird to me as I'm sure it sounds to others. I have been reluctant to describe certain things here as they are very personal, but wanted others' input. Yes, I am strong enough to get away from my discipline, but as mentioned, I have grown up with it, and I am resigned to it until such time that I am confident that I can move on with everyone saving face. Right now, I don't want to hurt my mom and cause family disruption, as she thinks this is best for me.
It isn't best for you, she needs to shut up and realise that. She's acting like you're still 4 years old.
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