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Re: Would you do it? - September 8th 2011, 07:58 PM

Originally Posted by eaty View Post
They teach breath ONLY to professional rescuers, and ONLY for two person CPR. Because if you are by yourself, the MOST important thing is compressions.

Personally... I wouldn't do mouth to mouth on any of those, or any case. Actual mouth-to-mouth is the LEAST effective way to give breaths, and causes more damage then good, because you have to mess around trying to give the breaths and getting a good seal with your mouth over theirs, when you NEED to be doing compressions if you want that person to live. Also doing actual mouth to mouth, puts you in a LOT of risk for different diseases that are passed through body fluids. Using a one way valve mask, and a BVM (Bag-Valve-Mask) are the MOST effective way, and the safest for YOU as the rescuer.

For the record, I have two current CPR cards. And am currently a EMT, and live with a more advance EMT (Who used to be a CPR instructor). I have done lots of research on this subject, and done a lot of training on it.

Also everyone who has said so far that you don't know how. Please learn how. It is easy to learn, and could save a life. They are making it easier and easier to learn.

Whether you've been educated or well trained in this, it clearly states someone with a lack of xygen does need mouth-to-mouth and it's still important, for someone who hasn't suffered a cardiac arrest and just stopped breathing then there's no point in using chest compressions in that case. I think it's important everybody knows how to do both.
And over here a friend of mine recently took a CPR course and they still teach mouth-to-mouth.