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Re: Girls an guys; rate these personality traits - November 26th 2011, 08:26 AM

For Girls:

Breast size: 8 - Not really important, but it would be nice to have some decent - sized ones

smoker: 4 - Pretty important, but I don't see it as extremely vital.

drinker: 9 - I'm a drinker too since I like to drink my week's problems out every friday with friends. As long as she isn't an alcoholic, it should be okay.

weight: 2 - Out of preference, I like well - built girls. I've never really liked an overweight girl unfortunately.

her friends: 3 - If I was totally in love with the girl, I'd try to work around bad friends, but we all know how difficult this can be as they have A LOT of influence.

intellect: 9 - As long as she can tell right from wrong, have a good conscience, and is not as dumb as a rock it should be good. I'm no einstein either.

similar interests: 8 - The girls I've fallen for the most are the girls who've shared the least interests with me, but then again, a bit is necessary if you want to have meaningful conversations... Not really important for me.

athletic: 9 - I'm an athlete, but I understand that some girls just don't like that. Doesn't influence anything for me.

over-all originality: 2 - I get over people/bored easily, so the girl has to have something different about her or I just won't care about her.

sexual history (amount slept with): 1 - If I hear as much as 1 story about a girl's past sex life, she's out of my book. I just don't want to picture a girl I like having sex with someone else; that just sickens me.

religion: 10 - Could care less. I understand that what a person believes isn't something to mess with. If I like her, I'll support what she believes in, but I won't leave my religion.

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