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Re: What if I'm just kind of average? - March 9th 2012, 05:35 AM

This isn't an answer you're looking for but I was in advanced math classes, one to two grades above the one I was actually in, which at that time was grade 6. I didn't study more than 20 minutes for any geometry test and only 10 minutes at most for geometry quizzes because I found them easy. I competed with my friends who also were getting As to see who could get the highest percentage grade on any test or quiz in any course. English and history were another story, almost the complete opposite. I hated them and still do, I found it boring, saw no point to it and rarely paid attention. When I did, it was just so the teacher wouldn't call me out.

Some people are just naturally better at certain academic areas, while others are better using a certain learning strategy. For me, I'm great at memorizing to the point I'll recall the page number where I read something while answering a question on a test. You'll often exceed if you find it interesting, which for me involves applying the material to real-life situations. The next time you're passing under a bridge or are in a mall, look at a structure and think how you would calculate the angle of something when you know only certain information. If you can understand how it can be relevant and interesting beyond just getting a test mark, you'll want to study.

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