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Re: School's bullying assembly turns into anti-gay assembly - March 25th 2012, 12:17 AM

Originally Posted by girlfromsocal View Post
well that proves me right you do the same thing as homophobes you judge someone for the sexuality and sexual practices. You say what you see as promiscuity is wrong. I could say I think anyone who isn't a virgin and never been married is wrong. But that would be way ignorant and closeminded. What's the difference with yours? I know that for everyone that you can judge wrongfully and bully someone could bully you for the same thing. There's someone 'better'. You think promiscuity is wrong. It may not be for you but there's nothing with it. It's not your place to judge what she does with her body. Homophobes say who they think people should sleep with. And you say the same thing. Many people would call anyone who said the member of the same sex should not have sex. They'd be call homophobes. You say the same thing that girls should not sleep with this or this person. It's none of your business and getting upset at what she does with her private property is no different from the old homophobe.

Also you sound a bit sexist. You know she's not to blame for the fact that someone's man cheated don't you? The guy's at complete fault for cheating. She didn't cheat. And he's not a child he's responsible for his actions no one else's. That's the old ways of how women were always faulted for this. I guess I like to do away with old ways. More progressive you know.
ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!! Yes of course the guy is to blame as well but the girl is also at fault, just as much fault actually. It takes two to have sex, it takes two to cheat. Now if the girl didn't know he was taken that's one thing, but if she knew then she's a bitch to sleep with someone else's guy period. That's a line you do NOT cross, I don't care what feelings you have. I'm sorry this is just upsetting me because it's been something I've been in the middle of lately. Two friends, the guy has a long distance girlfriend, they flirted and girl got all pissed when he started moving away from her because he wanted to stay with his girl friend. While he was wrong for leading her on, she was wrong to EVER go near him in that way knowing he has a girlfriend. I mean I was crushing hard on the guy too, he was very flirty, but no matter my feelings for him I always shut him down out of respect for his girlfriend, who I had never even met. YOU DO NOT MESS WITH GUYS WHO ARE IN A RELATIONSHIP!!!! So yes obviously I think poorly of girls who would do that, and yes the term slut would pop into my mind, but so does the term cheating bastard when I think of the guy as well. It's equal faults. I mean if a guy slept with a friend's girl I would thoroughly support the guy to get punched in the face, deservingly so.

Also I think it's perfectly acceptable for society to set SOME boundaries about who people are allowed to sleep with. For example, adults shouldn't be allowed to sleep with children, or animals. Nobody should sleep with a married person unless they are the one married to that person, I mean come on Bill Clinton was nearly impeached for his own cheating and Monica became one of the most famous sluts ever. Ooh and let's not forget the parade of Tiger Wood's whores, granted they ended up becoming famous for their part in it, he got most of the hate, and understandably so. We as a society have these judgments for reasons, protection of the people who are harmed in these actions for example. The big difference between that and homophobia is that in a consensual homosexual relationship there is no one harmed. And that's why that judgment is wrong and ridiculous.

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