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Re: High Intensity Jobs (Part Time) - July 13th 2012, 03:40 AM

Originally Posted by bumble bee View Post
Well you could always become a bartender, even if it is only at the olive garden you'd still have all those super "happy" (read: pissed and aggressive) drunk people (at least occasionally).

OR you could ask to do something at the fire apartment or in the emergency room even if it's only by volunteering.... You could try prisons and court houses too
Have to be 19 to work with alcohol.

And I don't volunteer! xD

Originally Posted by Ella.x View Post
work with adults who have learning disabilities and challenging behaviour - it's what I do and most shifts I get shouted at lots/slapped/hit/threatened. If I'm lucky, sometimes I even get poo thrown at me Every day is different and it's very rewarding despite the fact that if you're not careful, you can easily get beaten to a pulp!
I think I'd get fired after I beat one of them with a chair for throwing shit at me. I don't do well with disabled people

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