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  1. People who support Hamas, why?
  2. Triggering: Dexter Scott King
  3. Haley or Trump?
  4. Desantis is dropping out of the president race, at least for now
  5. Bitcoin is spiking again, what are your thoughts on cryptocurrency in general?
  6. Triggering: Matthew Perry
  7. Triggering (SH): Mass casualties 16 dead from mass shooting in Maine usa
  8. Triggering: Hamas
  9. Michael Gambon who played Dumbledore has passed away
  10. Pee-wee Herman, dies at 70
  11. Triggering: Sinead O'Connor
  12. wwe Iron Sheik has passed away
  13. Triggering: Tina Turner
  14. Triggering (Bullying): Dylan Mulvane and bud light company
  15. Triggering: Madeline Mc Cann
  16. Richard Belzer has passed away
  17. Not another celebrity passed away Lisa Loring original Addams family Wednesday
  18. Prince Harry
  19. lies Presley Daughter of Elvis has died at age 54
  20. Prince harry and Megan.
  21. Barbara Walters has passed away at 93
  22. They need to change the debate around mass shootings for change to occur
  23. Us elections
  24. Rip robbie coltrane
  25. Triggering: Queen Elizabeth II has died
  26. Mass Shooting @ Oslo Pride Parade
  27. Uvalde
  28. Triggering: Johnny Depp and Amber Heard.
  29. Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade
  30. Elon Musk buying Twitter
  31. Earth Day - 22 April 2022
  32. Facebook vs TikTok
  33. Earth Hour 2022
  34. Triggering: Ukraine and Russia.
  35. Supreme Court of the USA has torched OSHA’s vaccine mandate for big businesses
  36. Rip Bob Saget most know as Danny Tanner
  37. Betty White dies at 99
  38. Yule
  39. Kim Potter found guilty
  40. Brittney Spears released from conservatorship
  41. Triggering: Multiple Dead After Driver Plows S.U.V. Into Holiday Parade in Wisconsin
  42. Kyle Rittenhouse and Ahmaud Arbery
  43. Covid Vaccine for ages 5-11
  44. Florida has the second lowest per capita rate of COVID-19 in the entire country
  45. Triggering: Sir David Amess
  46. Triggering: 20 Years.
  47. Texas abortion law
  48. Afghanistan.
  49. Biden on vaccines
  50. Canada's Shame.
  51. Critical Race Theory
  52. Juneteenth Declared Federal Holiday
  53. Triggering: Arizona death row inmates get gas chamber
  54. Caitlin Jenner is running for California governor
  55. Derek Chauvin guilty on all charges
  56. Healthcare Petition
  57. Triggering: Prince Phillip
  58. Triggering: Grocery store shooting has left 10 people dead including officer
  59. Triggering: Atlanta Spa Shooeting
  60. Covid-19 Vaccination and ethnic minorities in UK
  61. Restriction of censorship by private entities
  62. Trump supporters stormed the capital
  63. Oxford-AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine approved for use in UK
  64. Trump wants to declare martial law
  65. Actor Eliot page formally Ellen has come out as transgender
  66. Triggering: Philadelphia looting from police killing Walter Wallace Jr
  67. Presidential Election.
  68. Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  69. USA West Coast wildfires
  70. RIP chad Boseman aka black panther
  71. Triggering: Annabelle Doll Escaped the museum?
  72. Riots in America.
  73. Corona Virus.
  74. another school shooting
  75. Remington can be sued for Newton school shooting
  76. Trump impeachment
  77. Thoughts on credit cards?
  78. Triggering: Teen stabs 22 at Pennsylvania school
  79. Abortion?
  80. Triggering: Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman
  81. College Protest against Proposed Califorinia Bill to Allow Colleges to consider ethnicity/gender in Admissions
  82. breast feeding in public
  83. Triggering: Abortion???
  84. what is so wrong about gay marriage???
  85. Triggering: Abortion is wrong.
  86. Posting in debate forums - What to expect.