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  1. UK out of EU
  2. Safe spaces & Trigger warnings - Is free speech in British universities under threat?
  3. Vote Remain (EU vs UK)
  4. Triggering: Just More Things...
  5. The Search for Information After Major Crimes. (rant).
  6. Triggering: Gay club shooting in Orlando
  7. Triggering: Antidepressants don't work for teens, kids: study
  8. Triggering: 'The Voice' Singer Christina Grimmie Shot Dead After Florida Concert
  9. So it's basically official. [American election]
  10. Triggering: Muhammed Ali.
  11. Triggering: Gorilla shot dead after boy falls into enclosure
  12. Syrian Refugees
  13. I have no words for this
  14. Needed: Join the Articles Team: News and Debates
  15. 'Obamacare' ruling
  16. Triggering (Grieving): Dan Gordon's Hillsborough disaster documentary.
  17. Please don't hate my opinion
  18. Political Compass
  19. Donald Trump is the Republican nominee
  20. Triggering: Stop the Brumby Cull
  21. #BoycottTarget
  22. Trump
  23. Anger of Snapchat "Blackface" Marley filter
  24. Perfect Dating Age
  25. The Role of Journalists.
  26. EU Referendum- In or Out?
  27. Triggering: Teachers.
  28. When Coming Out Goes Better Than You Thought
  29. Rant on Crime.
  30. Female Advice Preferred: does this offend you?
  31. I think people should see this
  32. Legal age.
  33. Great News.
  34. lgbtqqip2saa
  35. Is It Ever OK to Kill an Industry?
  36. How is the Declaration of Independence relevant today?
  37. American campaign.
  38. Britain and the E.U.
  39. "Sorry, we can't ban everything that offends you"
  40. Triggering (Abuse): Roosh V.
  41. frustrated
  42. American Elections: Two Threads in One!
  43. Flint Water Crisis
  44. Planetary Crisis of Climate Change
  45. Triggering: Muslim women must learn English
  46. Triggering (Grieving): Alan Rickman has died of cancer
  47. Two Major Legal Process Issues Involving Homosexuality.
  48. Triggering (Abuse): The Rape of Europe
  49. Google making it easy to spy on people?
  50. Political Corruption
  51. Birth Control Available Without a Perscription
  52. Saying Happy New Year to people in different time zones (December 32nd, anyone?)
  53. Triggering: Trial by Jury.
  54. Triggering (Suicide): The Case of Abbie Bartels.
  55. Women & equality
  56. Black vs white racism
  57. Triggering (Abuse): Domestic Abuse - Abuse is Abuse
  58. Trump vs World.
  59. Triggering: Victim Blaming.
  60. Trump banning Muslims
  61. Treatment of Violence Against Women.
  62. Facebook's new "Take A Break" feature.
  63. How We Stop ISIS - Waleed Aly
  64. Canada Bringing in 25,000 Syrian Refugees
  65. Triggering: #PrayforParis
  66. Update: GOP Presidential Nomination
  67. Hunting NAZIs
  68. Shop Worker Dresses up as 'Big Momma' for Halloween
  69. How would you feel about a semester final counting as just 1% of your grade?
  70. Liability of Social Media Organisations.
  71. Robber flees when elderly woman yells, 'There's the police'
  72. Politics jerking further to the right in Europe
  73. Hurricane Patricia
  74. Cross dressing
  75. It's Just Ottawa
  76. Muslims standing up to ISIS
  77. No white men
  78. Media bias (2)
  79. Documentary about disabled japanese pro wrestlers.
  80. Giving Swedish holiday homes to migrants
  81. Cereal Killer Cafe Targeted in Mass Protests: Confusion Ensues.
  82. Fire in Western EU's largest Mosque (in the UK)
  83. Media bias
  84. Protection on campus
  85. EU Refugee Crisis is a lie
  86. Planned Parenthood
  88. Ahmed Mohammed.
  89. If I were president
  90. Triggering: Watch the whole video.
  91. Rich White Men.
  92. Labour Leadership!
  93. Iran and Israel
  94. The Vaccine Debate
  95. "Top 10 Reasons Why Canada isn't Important"
  96. tony abbot
  97. Triggering (Abuse): Litigation as a Remedy for Rape?
  98. Anyone else tired of political facebook posts?
  99. Is Trump's campaign fake?
  100. Can Environmentalists Sue Governments?
  101. TV show "the undatables" - what do you think?
  102. Flight MH370 Found.
  103. A question for people who live in Countries with a higher minimum wage than the US
  104. Triggering: Rowdy Roddy piper has died
  105. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): What the heck is even happening in Russia anymore?
  106. Deputy Speaker for the House of Lords Found Snorting Cocaine With Prostitutes.
  107. Hulk Hogan fired from WWE by racist remarks
  108. If feminism is about gender equality, then why isn't it equalism?
  109. Rebellion Festival 15
  110. The great race of 2016 POTUS
  111. Triggering: Chattanooga Massacre, Radical Extremists, domestic terrorism.
  112. ISIS Insurgency in the Middle East.
  113. How old should you have to be to go to kindergarten?
  114. Spoiler: Atticus Finch: Is Inhumanity an Essential Part of Humanity?
  115. Triggering (Grieving): Conrad the Racoon
  116. Greece Economic Crisis Referendum: OXI Wins.
  117. Triggering: Should the Confederate Flag Have Been Removed in the Wake of Charleston?
  118. Gay Marriage Now Legal Nationwide!
  119. Uber.
  120. Triggering (Abuse): Man faces no charges after forcing wife and 2 sons into prostitution...
  121. Balcony collapse in Berkeley California.
  122. Schools flagging kids on social media
  123. What gets you engaged?
  124. Australia: Opposition to Introduce Marriage Equality Bill to Parliament
  125. Senior skip day
  126. Today Ireland is making world history...
  127. Hunter Paid $350,000 for the right to kill a Black Rhino
  128. anarchism
  129. Objectivity vs. Subjectivity.
  130. Pig for Mayor
  131. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Human Rights in the UK
  132. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): UK Elections: Conservatives win majority
  133. There is No Wrong Answer.
  134. Nepal Earthquake
  135. Pepsi & Chipotle: Food safety, or consumer pressure?
  136. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): The Baltimore Riots - One Man's Point of View
  137. This beautiful and controversial mural was painted...
  138. Hillary Clinton announces presidential bid
  139. Party?
  140. General UK Elections
  141. Triggering: Criminalising Biases.
  142. Laughing at misery
  143. Asking older generation about the same-sex marriage referendum (cheery little video)
  144. Planet Fitness revokes gym membering after transgender complaint.
  145. Loophole means ecstasy, crystal meth and mushrooms are currently legal in Ireland..
  146. Triggering: Bali Nine Duo.
  147. Recent news in Russia
  148. The Dress
  149. "B.C. man captures his own rescue on camera"
  150. Ban first, ask questions later.
  151. "That's What the Government Wants You To Think."
  152. Triggering: Doctor-assisted suicide
  153. Triggering: "Dress for the size you are, not the size you want to be."
  154. Does texting and usage of slang change how people pronounce words?
  155. Triggering: Australia Day.
  156. What should happen in this situation?
  157. Cell Phone Use and Language
  158. The problem with Islam
  159. Feminism vs. Truth
  160. Triggering: 7 year old survives plane crash that killed her family
  161. Dustin Diamond Arrested After Bar Fight in Wisconsin
  162. Triggering: LEOs killed in retaliation
  163. Ferguson protests are ridiculous and uncivilized
  164. Triggering: #IstandwithPeshawar :Peshawar Killings : #WeUnite
  165. Sydney Hostage Siege #illridewithyou
  166. Triggering: [REPOST] Statutory Rape
  167. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): What the f*ck is with the special snowflake sh*t?
  168. Feminism and "Chivalry" - The Conflict of Interests
  169. make-a-wish type things
  170. Triggering: Ferguson.
  171. Police Accountability
  172. School Principal suspended over Saftey Drill
  173. Race & Ebola?
  174. second american civil war needed?
  175. Triggering (Suicide): Assisted Suicide.
  176. Triggering: 16 year old jailed for life for murdering Leeds schoolteacher
  177. How "healthy" is a country?
  178. Triggering: Ebola outbreak
  179. U.S. Police.
  180. Triggering (Abuse): The 7th Heaven guy.
  181. Triggering: ISIL terrorist group
  182. Racism, Political Correctness, Extremists, Liberal politics, etc
  183. Triggering: Oscar Pistorius verdict
  184. Ebola outbreak 2014
  185. Triggering: 9 year old girl kills gun instructor
  186. They got married!
  187. War in Ukraine
  188. Triggering: Richard Dawkins: "Immoral" not to abort Down's syndrome foetuses
  189. Triggering (Abuse): Ched Evans Return to Football?
  190. Triggering (Suicide): Actor Robin Williams dies.
  191. email to north korea
  192. 'Female Privilege'
  193. Abortion
  194. Hackers
  195. Triggering: Hate is my only reaction to horrible people
  196. Triggering: Should universities teach classes on consent?
  197. Amanda Holden D-Day Backlash
  198. Facebook "listens" to what you're doing
  199. Does anyone else avoid the news like the plague?
  200. Triggering: Elliot Rodger - And How Misogyny Kills
  201. New Theory Surrounding MH370.
  202. Bullying police officers
  203. UKIP
  204. Australian Politician Attacked By Students.
  205. Marijuana Legalisation.
  206. F*** black power
  207. Arrest of Gerry Adams: Politically motivated or not?
  208. Do you think?
  209. Triggering (Bullying): "Racist" basketball team owner
  210. Subway bans subs..
  211. Do Ethics Limit Research?
  212. Should. Our Military Be Celebrated?
  213. Do you think America is right to impose sanctions on Russia ?
  214. Triggering (Abuse): Game of Thrones Rape Scene
  215. Drinking Cultures.
  216. Libertarianism and the poor.
  217. Why is it okay to lie to children about Santa?
  218. Recognition of Same Sex Marriages.
  219. The US is an oligarchy
  220. A question about Liberals
  221. lloaawwlll
  222. Triggering: Woman gets life in prison for "Stiletto heel slaying."
  223. Triggering: Teen stabs 22 at Pennsylvania school
  224. Plastic Surgery? Bad or good?
  225. Peaches Geldof found dead...??
  226. Triggering: Bad News.
  227. Firefox gay rights row
  228. Triggering (Suicide): Body of Suicide Mistaken As Mannequin Prank
  229. Triggering (Abuse): Domestic Violence Secrecy ILLEGAL.
  230. Triggering: Twitter's #killallmen trending
  231. Same-sex marriage now legal as first couples wed (UK)
  232. Deaf woman Joanne Milne hears for first time
  233. Triggering (Abuse): Rape and "Equality"
  234. Having a Large Family
  235. Triggering: Vigilantism.
  236. Hobby Lobby's lawsuit?
  237. Feminism as a Political Weapon.
  238. Westboro Baptist Church Founder, Fred Phelps Mortally Ill.
  239. Retired Florida cop kills moviegoer over texting
  240. Malaysia flight to China dissapears
  241. Triggering: NOT GUILTY.
  242. Triggering: Woman Banned From Facebook for Posting Photos of Deformed Child.
  243. Non-peaceful protest - are they ever ok?
  244. Regretting Our President.
  245. The race debate
  246. Girl suing parents for college tuition.
  247. Do you think you can have both Israeli and Palestinian friends without getting into politics ?
  248. Russian troops in the Ukraine
  249. Safer Alcohol Substitute?
  250. Is Hitler the most evil man ever? (potential TW: acts of inhumanity)