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  1. Does texting and usage of slang change how people pronounce words?
  2. Triggering: Australia Day.
  3. What should happen in this situation?
  4. Cell Phone Use and Language
  5. The problem with Islam
  6. Feminism vs. Truth
  7. Triggering: 7 year old survives plane crash that killed her family
  8. Dustin Diamond Arrested After Bar Fight in Wisconsin
  9. Triggering: LEOs killed in retaliation
  10. Ferguson protests are ridiculous and uncivilized
  11. Triggering: #IstandwithPeshawar :Peshawar Killings : #WeUnite
  12. Sydney Hostage Siege #illridewithyou
  13. Triggering: [REPOST] Statutory Rape
  14. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): What the f*ck is with the special snowflake sh*t?
  15. Feminism and "Chivalry" - The Conflict of Interests
  16. make-a-wish type things
  17. Triggering: Ferguson.
  18. Police Accountability
  19. School Principal suspended over Saftey Drill
  20. Race & Ebola?
  21. second american civil war needed?
  22. Triggering (Suicide): Assisted Suicide.
  23. Triggering: 16 year old jailed for life for murdering Leeds schoolteacher
  24. How "healthy" is a country?
  25. Triggering: Ebola outbreak
  26. U.S. Police.
  27. Triggering (Abuse): The 7th Heaven guy.
  28. Triggering: ISIL terrorist group
  29. Racism, Political Correctness, Extremists, Liberal politics, etc
  30. Triggering: Oscar Pistorius verdict
  31. Ebola outbreak 2014
  32. Triggering: 9 year old girl kills gun instructor
  33. They got married!
  34. War in Ukraine
  35. Triggering: Richard Dawkins: "Immoral" not to abort Down's syndrome foetuses
  36. Triggering (Abuse): Ched Evans Return to Football?
  37. Triggering (Suicide): Actor Robin Williams dies.
  38. email to north korea
  39. 'Female Privilege'
  40. Abortion
  41. Hackers
  42. Triggering: Hate is my only reaction to horrible people
  43. Triggering: Should universities teach classes on consent?
  44. Amanda Holden D-Day Backlash
  45. Facebook "listens" to what you're doing
  46. Does anyone else avoid the news like the plague?
  47. Triggering: Elliot Rodger - And How Misogyny Kills
  48. New Theory Surrounding MH370.
  49. Bullying police officers
  50. UKIP
  51. Australian Politician Attacked By Students.
  52. Marijuana Legalisation.
  53. F*** black power
  54. Arrest of Gerry Adams: Politically motivated or not?
  55. Do you think?
  56. Triggering (Bullying): "Racist" basketball team owner
  57. Subway bans subs..
  58. Do Ethics Limit Research?
  59. Should. Our Military Be Celebrated?
  60. Do you think America is right to impose sanctions on Russia ?
  61. Triggering (Abuse): Game of Thrones Rape Scene
  62. Drinking Cultures.
  63. Libertarianism and the poor.
  64. Why is it okay to lie to children about Santa?
  65. Recognition of Same Sex Marriages.
  66. The US is an oligarchy
  67. A question about Liberals
  68. lloaawwlll
  69. Triggering: Woman gets life in prison for "Stiletto heel slaying."
  70. Triggering: Teen stabs 22 at Pennsylvania school
  71. Plastic Surgery? Bad or good?
  72. Peaches Geldof found dead...??
  73. Triggering: Bad News.
  74. Firefox gay rights row
  75. Triggering (Suicide): Body of Suicide Mistaken As Mannequin Prank
  76. Triggering (Abuse): Domestic Violence Secrecy ILLEGAL.
  77. Triggering: Twitter's #killallmen trending
  78. Same-sex marriage now legal as first couples wed (UK)
  79. Deaf woman Joanne Milne hears for first time
  80. Triggering (Abuse): Rape and "Equality"
  81. Having a Large Family
  82. Triggering: Vigilantism.
  83. Hobby Lobby's lawsuit?
  84. Feminism as a Political Weapon.
  85. Westboro Baptist Church Founder, Fred Phelps Mortally Ill.
  86. Retired Florida cop kills moviegoer over texting
  87. Malaysia flight to China dissapears
  88. Triggering: NOT GUILTY.
  89. Triggering: Woman Banned From Facebook for Posting Photos of Deformed Child.
  90. Non-peaceful protest - are they ever ok?
  91. Regretting Our President.
  92. The race debate
  93. Girl suing parents for college tuition.
  94. Do you think you can have both Israeli and Palestinian friends without getting into politics ?
  95. Russian troops in the Ukraine
  96. Safer Alcohol Substitute?
  97. Is Hitler the most evil man ever? (potential TW: acts of inhumanity)
  98. Homosexuality Gives You Worms!
  99. Since Israelis are known as rude and disgusting , why would any American girl date one ?
  100. Ukraine: President Yanukovych ousted, revolution "ends" with 82 dead.
  101. Social Attitude Test
  102. Teenager killed by police for holding Wii Remote
  103. "I suffered for years because I was scared": Ellen Page comes out as gay in a moving speech at Human Rights conference
  104. Anti Gay bill in Kansas
  105. More gender options now on Facebook!
  106. Triggering: Views on posting personal details on the internet?
  107. Proposal for Indonesia's new 2013 curriculum
  108. Iona Institute receives payout from RTÉ following live homophobia debate.
  109. Michael Gove Pledges 10-Hour School Days
  110. what is your opinion of people serving in the military (or served) ?
  111. Triggering: Coca-Cola Super bowl commercial
  112. What do you classify your political ideology as?
  113. State of the Union
  114. Scottish Independence 2014
  115. Americans : do you view Israel as ally of the USA ?
  116. Triggering: 14 year takes a life for being "ungrateful"
  117. Subway partnering with Michelle Obama
  118. Ukraine Riots
  119. Justin Bieber ARRESTED!
  120. Should junk food have warning labels?
  121. NY unSAFE ACT -- Ammunition background check on hold
  122. Male Friends
  123. Do people online represent the opinions of people in the real world ?
  124. Taxi company won't take disabled people
  125. California pushes for free healthcare for those in the country illegally.
  126. Young americans : I need some help
  127. Mark Duggan "lawfully killed"
  128. Triggering (Bullying): Seriously
  129. Well, people were overwhelmed with Duck Dynasty, while the NDAA bill passed.
  130. Powerful Anti-Accident Video
  131. Bill Cosby. A must read!
  132. Do most young americans hate Israel ?
  133. Triggering (Abuse): Rape Victims and the lyrics of Robin Thicke's 'Blurred Lines'
  134. Troll
  135. Great News: A&E Welcomes Phil Robertson Back to 'Duck Dynasty'
  136. should bikinis be illegal?
  137. Update on David Cameron's Porn Filters.
  138. Claire Davis, Arapahoe Shooting Victim Dies
  139. Girl dies following allergic reaction having been refused an Epipen by nearby pharmacy.
  140. British Perceptions - Top Ten they get WRONG!
  141. Triggering: Colorado School shooting, on eve of anniversary.
  142. Irish university suspends Christian student union society following distribution of homophobic leaflets.
  143. Central African Republic Conflict.
  144. Hero, Nelson Mandela, Deceased at 95.
  145. What if the Court System for adults offered mental health services?
  146. Triggering: Interracial Relationships-Racism
  147. Triggering: Liability for Suicide.
  148. Ian Watkins, of lostprophets, pleads guilty.
  149. Triggering (Abuse): Mom, dad planned child sex abuse before kids were born
  150. Lowering the Age of Consent to 15
  151. Having a Dissibility allows you to Receive special treatment in Mental Hospital?
  152. Triggering: Salvation Army says that "gays need to be put to death"
  153. What if discrimination of sexuality was reversed?
  154. Jelly Beans are anti-trans.
  155. Gay marriage legalised in the Australian Capital Territory.
  156. Naming and Shaming.
  157. [Politics] Wednesday Night, Oct. 16, 2013, Congress Agrees to End Government Shutdown
  158. US: Debt Ceiling Raised in Last Minute Deal.
  159. Two girls charged for bullying that led to suicide
  160. School bans footballs, baseballs, cartwheels and tag
  161. Man almost arrested for a crime his wife (who accused him) had committed
  162. Woman shot dead outside US Capitol building.
  163. [Security] Adobe's Network was Compromised and the Attackers Grabbed 2.9 Million Customer's Information
  164. Bikers attack man in SUV.
  165. 2 YO gives 'birth' to own twin in China
  166. What do youse think of the smoking ban in public places 2007
  167. Should teachers make students stand during the Pledge Of Allegiance?
  168. US Government Shutdowns Today (Oct. 1, 2013); Here are the Resources to Read If You Care Enough
  169. Same-Sex Marriage, why is it bad?
  170. Triggering: Islamophobia on Facebook.
  171. Any Libertarians here
  172. Asda and Tesco withdraw 'psycho' patient outfits
  173. Indiana constitution to outlaw same-sex marrage
  174. Banning the burqa.
  175. Triggering: Statutory Rape
  176. Men's rights activism
  177. Triggering: Halappanavar case - Husband to take legal action against HSE.
  178. Jaden Smith wants us all to dropout of high school.
  179. 12 years Later, Remembering September the 11th
  180. Heavy Backlash Against New Prime Minister, Tony Abbott.
  181. Macklemore's "Same Love" and the LGBT rights movement
  182. Triggering: Kidnapper Ariel Castro Found Deceased.
  183. Triggering: Ft. Hood Shooter sentenced to death.
  184. White supremacy
  185. Syria Conflict: Western nations look to intervene
  186. 50th Anniversary of Martin Luther King's 'I have a dream speech'
  187. Allergy Tattoos
  188. Why are teens still bullying others?
  189. So, you're back SOPA.
  190. Triggering: WWII Vet, Beaten by Teens, and dies.
  191. Political Compass - Where do you stand?
  192. Triggering (Bullying): Ask.fm to improve cybersafety features.
  193. WWE has it's first gay wrestler.
  194. Election Campaigns.
  195. Bazinga (rieki).
  196. California law lets transgender students pick bathrooms
  197. Religion and intelligence
  198. I hate sex positivity
  199. Triggering: Cameras in Court Rooms.
  200. 9/11 Conspiracy Theories
  201. Triggering (Grieving): Train crash kills dozens in northern Spain
  202. Triggering (Substances): Legal drinking age.
  203. Transgender people and public bathrooms
  204. Royal Baby Boy Born
  205. Quxxn has died :(
  206. Lets police porn
  207. Virginia's Attorney General Wants to Ban Oral and Anal Sex
  208. Half of Britain's mosques have been attacked since 9/11
  209. Non-PG13: August Rolling Stone
  210. Cory Monteith passed away at age 31
  211. why is treyvon martin more importan than joshua chellew
  212. Triggering: Tampons and Maxi Pads Confiscated at Texas Capitol
  213. Football referee beheaded by fans in Maranhao, Brazil
  214. New York City Bill
  215. 19 firefighters killed in Yarnell, Arizona fire.
  216. Triggering: South Dakota "school sentinels" law takes effect from today
  217. Teenage gamer may go on 8 year prison sentence because of joke in LoL
  218. Triggering: Abortion
  219. NSA spying on EVERYONE that has a Windows OS?
  220. Wendy Davis / Anti-abortion bill
  221. Triggering: Sexual orientation: Choice or No?
  222. Marriage Equality for California, DOMA Overturned!
  223. Translation Please?
  224. Liberal... really???
  225. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West name baby 'North West'
  226. Obama to make speech on climate change
  227. GirlGuiding UK Changes Promise
  228. Racism.
  229. Bee colonies are rapidly declining from disastrous pesticide use
  230. Triggering: Primary school chairman resigns after handing out pro-life leaflets to students
  231. Ten 'Good Reasons' to Oppose Equal Marriage!
  232. Sex Education
  233. Straight Pride Parades
  234. Fatal Car Crash
  235. Edward Snowden: Patriot or Traitor?
  236. Russian Duma Passes Law banning 'gay propaganda'
  237. Triggering (Grieving): (Warning: Graphic Picture) An Innocent Snapping Turtle
  238. Flag Burning
  239. Giving children caffeine
  240. "Deaf child's sign language name looks too much like gun"
  241. Triggering (Suicide): Micheal Jackson's Daughter Attempted Suicide
  242. The Weather
  243. justice in texas against a repeat offender
  244. IT worker and his girlfriend claim to be Jesus and Mary Magdalene
  245. Police Attacks in Turkey
  246. Standoff at Ecquadorian embassy in London
  247. Amelia Earhart's Plane Might Have Been Found
  248. Triggering (Abuse): Prime Time investigates treatment of children in Irish creches
  249. Florida Teen charged with a felony over same-sex relationship.
  250. UK - multiculturalism vs. racism vs. extremism