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  1. Actor Eliot page formally Ellen has come out as transgender
  2. Hunting Hitler the final chapter
  3. Triggering: Philadelphia looting from police killing Walter Wallace Jr
  4. Presidential Election.
  5. Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  6. RIP chad Boseman aka black panther
  7. Triggering: Annabelle Doll Escaped the museum?
  8. Riots in America.
  9. Aliens on Earth
  10. Corona Virus.
  11. Triggering (Abuse): Kobe Bryant Article
  12. Bush fire crisis.
  13. AI Overtaking Humans
  14. General Election 2019
  15. another school shooting
  16. Democratic Candidates
  17. Remington can be sued for Newton school shooting
  18. Trump impeachment
  19. Triggering: Make America straight again conference
  20. Artificial Intelligence: Are They Dangerous?
  21. Archie.
  22. Triggering: New Zealand.
  23. Triggering: Fear and Violence
  24. Triggering: Music festivals.
  25. Southern Border Patrol
  26. Triggering (Substances): Canadian Cannabis Legalization Oct. 17
  27. Triggering (Abuse): enforced celibacy among Catholic clergy
  28. Helsinki press conference
  29. Triggering: Man teaches dog Nazi propaganda Warning this is offensive and bigotry
  30. Triggering: Avicii
  31. Triggering (Abuse): Me too?
  32. Triggering: Mass Shootings and terror attacks :(
  33. Tripp Halstead
  34. Government's steps to raise awareness
  35. Quick question
  36. "What's Wrong With Millennials?"
  37. Bring me home a black girl
  38. Roy Moore
  39. The use/over use of trigger warnings?
  40. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): How to live life easy: fuck the Joneses
  41. JFK files released!
  42. Triggering: Rumor about Trump?
  43. North Bay fires
  44. Political Correctness
  45. Triggering (Abuse): not sure how I feel about this sexual assault article
  46. Non-PG13: Legalized Prostitution
  47. hello
  48. Triggering: Are you aware of Canadian issues?
  49. Triggering (Grieving): The Las Vegas shooting.
  50. Hurricane irma
  51. Refusing to Tip Uber- is it rude?
  52. Triggering: gender vs. personality
  53. Triggering: Charlottesville
  54. Thoughts on Health Class?
  55. Dumpster Diving
  56. Amazon versus brick or mortar store debate
  57. Seymour Hersh confirms Seth Rich did contact WikiLeaks. Possibly killing the Russia narrative
  58. The Royal Family (Brits Preferred).
  59. Trump Brings Prestige to the Mail Order Bride Industry.
  60. Trump bans Transgender people from US military service
  61. Commonwealth Fund healthcare report
  62. Triggering (Grieving): Lead singer of Linkin Park dies at 41
  63. Medical results online?
  64. Why the left is terrified of free speech and debate
  65. Triggering (Abuse): Teaching children they have the right to say no
  66. Supreme Court win for Free Speech!
  67. Triggering (Abuse): Normalizing sexual assault
  68. Triggering (Suicide): Woman who encouraged boyfriend to commit suicide covicted of manslaughter
  69. Are YOU a 'spreader'?
  70. Congress rolls back law prohibiting guns for disabled
  71. Triggering: London attacks
  72. Triggering (Suicide): Sad Story. Learn from his mistake.
  73. 'Whitesplaining' White Privilege
  74. The Manchester Terrorist.
  75. Triggering (Grieving): Ariana Grande UK Concert TERRORIST ATTACK
  76. NHS Cyber attack.
  77. I Don't WANT TO KNOW about Donald Trump.
  78. Triggering: Pre-Existing Conditions
  79. Informed voting
  80. Fined $26,000 for telling the TRUTH!
  81. North Korea and the Internet
  82. What founding principles has America lost sight of?
  83. Grab Her?!
  84. USA attacks Syria
  85. Mirror, Mirror [NOT] on the Wall
  86. Non-PG13: Russian Hunger Games
  87. Does Trump have dementia?
  88. Triggering (Grieving): Amy Bleuel
  89. Should TH be allowed?
  90. House Republicans Pull AHCA
  91. One way to tell if you're becoming a fanatic
  92. Woman's Studies Class Forced to Change
  93. UK Police.
  94. Assault Against Feelings.
  95. Choose: "Equality" or "Diversity"
  96. Federal Budget (US)
  97. Republican health care plan
  98. Auckland Airport.
  99. If BOYS were allowed to be BOYS
  100. A 17-year-old transgender boy....
  101. America's constant economic shift to the right (long)
  102. "Normalizing Hatred" & PewDiePie
  103. Triggering: Man Beheaded Passenger
  104. Civil Asset Forfeiture
  105. Are you a 'liberal'?
  106. Triggering: Milo Yannopoulos speech at Berkeley cancelled after protests/riots
  107. Trump and his "Muslim Ban"
  108. Triggering: Fat Shaming
  109. All Hail the King!
  110. Non-PG13: Racism
  111. Drug/sentencing policy reform?
  112. Triggering: Dylann Roof.
  113. Triggering (Abuse): Disabled white man gets kidnapped by four black people who livestreamed it as well
  114. "The War on Islam"
  115. Triggering (Grieving): Celebrities we lost in 2016
  116. Security.
  117. Tattoos?
  118. Russiagate
  119. ohio and abortion
  120. Angela Merkel wants to ban the Burka
  121. My Thoughts on Fidel Castro.
  122. Triggering: Do you think...?
  123. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Income Inequality
  124. Why did Hillary fail when everything seemed to suggest she'd win
  125. People are suggesting Barron Trump has autism
  126. Triggering: This is Disturbing
  127. Couple ditches 5 children after Extreme Makeover
  128. Altruism/Egoism & the Left Wing
  129. Right-wing SJWs (alt-right)
  130. The faces of Trump supporters: case study
  131. Lena Dunham hypocrisy / alt-right
  132. Permanent daylight savings and winter blues/Seasonal depression
  133. Never Trump Conservative
  134. Exit Polls/Demographics of Voters
  135. Factions of Liberals and Conservatives
  136. Electoral Votes question.
  137. Triggering (Abuse): Trump win makes me ill
  138. How sometimes... I don't like being right
  139. TRUMP WINS - the consequences
  140. Vote for Policy
  141. Time Magazine on Hillary Clinton's emailgate
  142. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): US Election-TODAY
  143. Anti-Americanism in the West
  144. Media Bias
  145. Triggering: Three year old son diagnosed with cancer.
  146. George Soros
  147. Triggering: Why the Black Lives Matter movement sucks
  148. Clintons new email "scandal"
  149. Halloween is for Irish people only; for anyone else, its racist cultural appropriation
  150. How half of America lost its f***ing mind
  151. Skepticism vs. Being Obnoxious
  152. Non-PG13: Nudity in college theatre
  153. Triggering: Racist SJW's Stop White Students at Berkley
  154. Wonder Woman Named UN Honorary Ambassador for the Empowerment of Women and Girls.
  155. Attack on Mainstream Media
  156. Why Some Countries are Poor and others Rich
  157. Nice Guys Finish last?
  158. Cosmetic Surgery on Minors.
  159. Tampons in male restroom
  160. Triggering: Mattress company airs offensive 9/11 commercial
  161. Triggering: Mom humiliated at Babies R Us after trying to return products after sons death
  162. Triggering: Dad Dies Minutes After Father-Daughter Wedding Dance
  163. Are the Police Racist?
  164. TheYoungTurks vs. InfoWars
  165. Search Engines being manipulated???
  166. Hilary Clinton vs. PJW
  167. Burkini Ban
  168. Triggering (Abuse): Child Rape in Africa by UN soldiers
  169. Arrested for saying "Allah"
  170. Saving rain water. A crime.
  171. Interesting Perspective
  172. Migrant Problems Still Threaten Europe
  173. Brittney Griner vs DeMarcus Cousins
  174. Simple Definition of Feminism.
  175. Triggering: Texas baby found dead after nine hours in hot car
  176. Triggering: Suicide Squad movie pokes fun at people with Mental Illnesses?
  177. Triggering: Boy was decapitated on waterslide at Kansas park
  178. Marijuana legalisation
  179. Non-PG13 (Strong Language): Reverse sexism (Please move to an appropriate place)
  180. This isn't the way it'a supposed to be
  181. What. The. Hell.
  182. Divided States of America
  183. Black Lives Matter in UK
  184. Driverless Cars.
  185. Single motherhood
  186. Why I'm not a feminist
  187. Conservative Transgenders
  188. Islamic problems
  189. Triggering: Nice, France.
  190. Conspiracy theories
  191. Why is Russia so great?
  192. The Calais Jungle
  193. Polygamy
  194. History made in Canada
  195. Voting Bans.
  196. Triggering: Florida declares algae emergency
  197. Triggering: Women destroy nations...
  198. Triggering: FBI Transcript Shows Nobody Died in Orlando Shooting Until SWAT Teams Entered the Building: Judge Napolitano
  199. Difference between love, and being in love
  200. Gender-Neutral ID's for Ontario
  201. Is it harder to be a girl or a boy?
  202. UK out of EU
  203. Safe spaces & Trigger warnings - Is free speech in British universities under threat?
  204. Vote Remain (EU vs UK)
  205. Triggering: Just More Things...
  206. The Search for Information After Major Crimes. (rant).
  207. Triggering: Gay club shooting in Orlando
  208. Triggering: Antidepressants don't work for teens, kids: study
  209. Triggering: 'The Voice' Singer Christina Grimmie Shot Dead After Florida Concert
  210. So it's basically official. [American election]
  211. Triggering: Muhammed Ali.
  212. Triggering: Gorilla shot dead after boy falls into enclosure
  213. Syrian Refugees
  214. I have no words for this
  215. Needed: Join the Articles Team: News and Debates
  216. 'Obamacare' ruling
  217. Triggering (Grieving): Dan Gordon's Hillsborough disaster documentary.
  218. Please don't hate my opinion
  219. Political Compass
  220. Donald Trump is the Republican nominee
  221. Triggering: Stop the Brumby Cull
  222. #BoycottTarget
  223. Trump
  224. Anger of Snapchat "Blackface" Marley filter
  225. Perfect Dating Age
  226. The Role of Journalists.
  227. EU Referendum- In or Out?
  228. Triggering: Teachers.
  229. When Coming Out Goes Better Than You Thought
  230. Rant on Crime.
  231. Female Advice Preferred: does this offend you?
  232. I think people should see this
  233. Legal age.
  234. Great News.
  235. lgbtqqip2saa
  236. Is It Ever OK to Kill an Industry?
  237. How is the Declaration of Independence relevant today?
  238. American campaign.
  239. Britain and the E.U.
  240. "Sorry, we can't ban everything that offends you"
  241. Triggering (Abuse): Roosh V.
  242. frustrated
  243. American Elections: Two Threads in One!
  244. Flint Water Crisis
  245. Planetary Crisis of Climate Change
  246. Triggering: Muslim women must learn English
  247. Triggering (Grieving): Alan Rickman has died of cancer
  248. Two Major Legal Process Issues Involving Homosexuality.
  249. Triggering (Abuse): The Rape of Europe
  250. Google making it easy to spy on people?