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Niall Horan ^^ September 23rd 2012 02:15 PM

going down hill.. fast
I havent been on in a few months because i thought i wss doing well i was off my medication and i wasnt down.. But lately ive been going down hill.. And i hurt myself again last week after like three months.. Things are really hard being here.. Attention is all over my sister and mum only notices my anger.. You would think she realised the symptoms because this is exactly how it was before except im even closer to suicide.. Even though im not really cuttingi think about suicide at least once a day, as well as thinking about how to do it.. Its also hard because i only see my psychologist once a month now because im "doing well" im about to crack, and i have no one to talk to.. I need helpnbefore something happens and i just don't know what to do

Reign. September 26th 2012 02:34 AM

Re: going down hill.. fast
Hi Molly.
I am so happy that you posted.
I'm sorry that your mom hasn't noticed your symptoms yet. Mine hasn't either.
I know you're struggling, and I hope that you listen to my words;
Do not, under any circumstance, leave this world. You have a purpose. But you have to find out what that is for yourself.
In the mean time, look at it this way, you have a reason to be here or else you never would have been born. And believe me, life is beautiful and wonderful. It's full of happiness, you just can't always see it. And I want to reassure you that you DO have someone to talk to. PM me anytime and I will get to it asap.
If you've overcome this before, you can again. Even WITHOUT meds. With the right support and mind-set, you'll make it.

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