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Closed Thread
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TraitorBaby Offline
Average Joe
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Name: Jo
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Location: Earth

Posts: 110
Join Date: February 20th 2018

How to get up in the morning - February 21st 2018, 03:52 AM

Give me a legitimate reason to get up in the morning.
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Green Yoshi Offline
The screwdriverneedsgas!
I've been here a while
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Name: carwithnogas
Gender: Male
Location: Cute Dinosaur Island!

Posts: 1,870
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Join Date: January 13th 2011

Re: How to get up in the morning - February 21st 2018, 04:11 AM

I am going to give ya more than one:

1. My little pony.
3. You're awesome?
4. You might meet someone you love.
5. You might meet someone who loves you.
6. You might meet a group of people that love you!
7. Your 18th birthday.
8. Every birthday after that.
9. Adulthood
10. Cats.
11. Dogs.
12. Animals in general
13. Nice books
14. People who will be there for you when there are down.
15. You'll be there for people who're down..
16.That rainbow over the horizon
17. The horizon below that rainbow.
18. Dancing under the rain.
19. Making your own version of rain (shower ) for you to dance under.
20. Cute things.
21. Rick and morty.
22. The silly unneeded ,yet totally you-saw-it-coming plot twists of TV series such as Emmersdale or Coronary Street which might or might not be influenced by the actor/actress's real life situation.
23. New experiences
24. Doing something nice for someone you don't know.
25. Not being taken advantage of and feeling appreciated
26. Not being alone.
27.If you're into hot guys, you could stare at them.
28.If you're into hot girls, you could stare at them.
29.Your REAL friends getting drunk which will allow you to laugh at their antics.
30. Comforting and saving other lives, and making them smile.
31. Babies and life.
32. Saving someone just like you, because you know how painful their situation was.
33. Spreading love.
34. Spreading the word of god, if you're religious.
36. RWBY ( if ya haven't watched it yet, give it a try. )
37.Cheap booksales that will allow you to get anything from Jodi Picoult , to Jd Robb, to maybe silly, stupid stuff like The Twitter Diaries.
38. Laughing together with people you know.
39. Sharing your friends'tears and reducing their sadness by at least half.
40. Making sure your friends are okay.
41. Looking into someone who has lost all hope,and saying " I understand " so that they will know that they aren't alone.
42. So that you can sleep at night and watch the world go by.
43. There is an aurora too spectacular to exist somewhere, but its there.
44. The sea.
45. Vacations!
46.Road trip.
47. The fact that one day, this nightmare will be over.
48. Reconnecting with old best friends who might have shunned you once, and learning that they still care and love you (sadly,this is the part that hurt me very much because she's not as nice or as warm to me anymore.. this and my parents' overprotection were the reasons for my extreme depression )
49. Experiencing company after extreme loneliness.
50. Fighting and winning your battles.
51. You being young,things will get better.
52.Watching the sunset with a very loved one.
53.Skype video calls.
54. Video games, or maybe board games and stuff.
55. Beating that annoying chessbot that you could never beat.
56. Making fun of your friends in a playful manner and sharing intimate talks.
57. Time heals hate, and eventually lost best friends might not be"lost "
58. Wrestling, if you're into that.
59.Cheerleading,and wondering how something every high school has is actually so dangerous , and looking up cheerleading fails on youtube.
60.Rick and morty.
61. Creating lists like these for someone else.
62.Making a birthday present in general for someone else.
63, Creating a birthday card for someone you REALLY, REALLY , REALLY CHERISH ( I'm guilty of this,but she got angry at me before it was finished )
64. Wiping the tears off someone's eyes, telling them that it's okay.. knowing that at that point in time.. you're literally, and figuratively .. someone's pillar, and shoulder to cry on. Nothing is as empowering as that.
66.Studio Ghibli and how their shows are so childish and pure in nature, yet is so deep that even some adults have trouble understanding the values espoused
67. Rebuilding broken bonds.
68. Looking at someone you knew for a long time, and making jokes about how " its been so long, but I still wanna continue adventuring through life with you. " And laughing and knowing that the bond is safe (mine is not. Sadly. But that's my .. problem )
69. Laughing at the number beside this sentence for awfully silly reasons.
70. Transformers.
71. Cheesy b-rated horror movies.
72. Laughing at cheesy b-rated horror movies (not sharknado again.. the horror. That's like c-rated for crap )
73. Lying in bed, serenaded by the droplets of rain hitting your roof in a manner that makes you think that God is trying to help you sleep to forget any pains or sad moments
74. If you're religious, God is there to save you (I'm not)
75. Making your own sweets for someone
76.Someone making sweets for you
77. Getting to design your own burger/pizza
78. Getting someone to design your burger /pizza for you.
79.Getting a birthday wish from a best friend you thought you lost because of an argument
80. Having a best friend apologize and say that they want to reconnect and repair things and be warm and sweet as she was in the past with you ( not gonna happen to me, though . I'm extremely unlucky.)
81. Maths! 9x9 = 81. If you hate maths, ignore this point. I'm silly.
82.Making up your own words.
83.Making up reasons for why you make up those words.
84. Graduation.
85. Even if you are not smiling now,you will someday.
86.Shopping trips with your girlies
87. Sleepovers
88. Choosing between five of your favorite shirts, knowing that you like all of em
89. Ranting bout your problems to someone, knowing that they care about you and love you.
90. Making lists like these, knowing that you're just ten away from a hundred.
91.Knowing that there's at least one person in the world who's meant for you.
92.Having someone have your back when you fall.
93.Saving someone's life.
94. Trying to be there for the day Rick and Morty ends and wonder "what am I gonna do now " before they start a side series with PickleRICK!
95. Live action adaptation of Little Mermaid is coming!
96. Hatred will always lose to love... because love is more powerful than everything.
97. Days where you kinda wanna take a break, and help people out on here.. knowing that someone somewhere will live because of you.
98.Anonymous donations, because giving something to someone without asking anything in return is a very powerful thing.Sacrifice is noble.
99. Being a wingman/wingwoman for someone who deserves love in their life.
100. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, SWEET, WARM, NICE AND DESERVE LOVE. Nothing can take that away from you.NOTHING!
101.Convincing someone else that they're the same way.
102. Saving people from their innermost demons, knowing that they owe you everything.. yet you don't want anything from them except their smile because well, You're awesome?
103. Your favorite food. You can't go wrong with Salmon Carpaccio,grilled eggplant or Spicy Paella with cajun chicken.
104.Getting into new things that you'll learn to love.
105.Getting into new relationships with people you will want to experience new things with.
106. Knowing that creating a list this long is crazy, but the idea of you throwing your life away is EVEN MORE CRAZY, because you're going to be happy even beyond your wildest dreams, one day.
107. You're 17. Your life when you're 25 is going to be very different.. and knowing that you've already gone through bad stuff,it can get better.
108. You will know what its like to be in a two-way relationship. You will love and be loved by someone.. and the connection that you will forge with that someone is amazing.
109. Laughing at cats being silly when they play with one another.
110. Rescuing strays.
114. Making silly nanananananananaBATMAN jokes.
115. Making kids smile by being silly.. knowing that you are doing the world, and life itself.. a favor just by existing.
116. Decorating your room with posters.
117. Decorating posters with your writings and your friend's scribbles.
118.Looking back and talking about happy times with your best friend.
119. Wanting to know what tomorrow is like, right after something in your life changes for the better (her returning to how she was for me will be my case of a miracle, but sadly its not going to happen )
120. Walking your dog, and laughing at its butt wiggles.
121. Wiggling your butt together with your girlfriends and laughing at how silly you look.
122. Changing someone for the better, IN THE NAME OF LOVE
123. Knowing that one day, you might meet someone like you , and save him or her.
124. Virtual Reality Gaming. Yeah. Mankind has progressed far beyond what our ancestors could dream of.
125. Hosting a rally/movement just for someone's sake, and making them smile because you can.
127. 9GAG
128. Counteracting negativity and sadness because no one deserves to feel sad.
129. LGBT,and making people realize that your sexuality is who you are, and you can't change it. So you can support the movement and make sure that gays and lesbians and every colour of the rainbow in between know that they are who they are- Beautiful people with their own personalities, and deserving of appreciation and love.
130. Just like how I'm making this list for you, you'll make this list for someone else. Knowing how fate has come full circle,you're probably going to laugh.
131. Going to that secret spot beside that lake, and reading that book you just bought.
133. Seeing how GOT is gonna end.
134. Avengers: Infinity war.
135. Making movies about your life
136. Sharing your life with the world,convincing them that one day they might be as happy as you are (in the future )
137. It feels bad right now, but you can change things for the better.
139. Drinking warm oxtail soup with a very, very bad cold.
140. EGGS
141. Being called a savior, cause you are.
142. Expanding on lists like this,cause I can.. and knowing that even if i made 999999999999 reasons for you to wake up, it would be worth it.. because your life is worth INFINITELY more than that.
143. Being around when leaves fall during autumn.It's beautiful.
144. Going to places and experiencing new things.
145. Knowing that you might be a mom, and you may experience what it's like to love and be loved by people you share a familial bond with.
146. Having a close friend become your family member.
147. Falling in love with your crush and possibly spending your life with him/her, and having them take your breath away every morning.. for a lifetime.
148. knowing that YOU are also your crush's crush.
149. Comforting that lonely guy during valentine's day ( that's me, but she was just a girl best friend anyway )
150. Having someone you thought didn't care for you cry for you, discovering that concern she once had for you.
151. Crying for someone because you're happy for them.
152. Buying beds for your cats.
153. Spoiling your cats.
154. Having cats sit on your lap and purr (This happens to me quite a lot lately cause I feed em )
155. Having someone tell you that you're beautiful even though that's hard to believe.
156.Spending time helping people out, and knowing that you're a blessing.
157.Changing people's lives' for the better, or changing the expected life expectancy of someone from.. 1 day (if they planned to do bad things to themselves tonight ) to 70 years , knowing that someone , somewhere is going to experience life and its' wonders because of you.
158. Knowing that your friends' got your back if your family isn't that much of a boon.
159.Honey beaver don't give a crap xD (that video is funny btw )
160. Talking about book collection,and sharing em with people who care about you.
161. Being hugged by someone you cherish.
162. Making love under the stars with someone you cherish.
163. Singing "I'm on a boat! " on a boat.
164. Understanding the meanings of complex words like "serendipity " so that you can throw them out like its nothing and use them as secret codes within your secret circle
165. Playing video games with your boyfriend/girlfriend, because couples that game together are rare
166. Knowing that one day, there will be a spiritual successor to Rick and Morty, because there will be. I mean.. look at PICKLE RICK!
167. Doing crazy things for someone because you care about them to the point where you would be willing to do anything for them.
168. Smiling so wide, your cheeks are gonna get messed up.
169. Watching the team you support in football /rugby score a touchdown/goal.
170. Fight for world Peace
171. Doing fun, silly things well, because, they're fun, silly things. I'm gonna stop talking about fun,silly things now. Not like its fun, or silly, or anything.
172.Going to gym, and doing something productive there.
173. Being thought by a hot school teacher/lady.
174.Going to college,and lying down on that grass meadow, and having the local friendly neighborhood cat run up and cuddle with ya.
175. Knowing that somewhere, someplace.. there was a library with a cat (it got thrown out, unfortunately, I heard.)
176. Bringing your cat to your workplace.
177. Having that boss you fancy ask you out saying stuff like "short skirt today, is it hot ? " while you giggle uncontrollably and say "WHAT IS THIS EVEN KLJDHJSHFJKDFHKSDF " before you act calm and say " yes, it is. This is a wanted distraction "
178. Knowing that the creepy friend you thought was creepy is actually just a damaged,sweet individual with a lot of personal trauma on the inside, and that you'll be the one to bring him out of it.
179.Coming back home to your dog, and having him run up to you.
180. Sitting by the fireplace when there's snow outside.
181. Sitting by the snowman and making silly poses and selfies with ridiculously darren(me, btw ) -like captions like " I've got a cool friend none of you are as cool as him "
182. Taking nice food pictures and figuring out which hashtags to use for them on instagram.
183. Using tinder and laughing at them flirts(guys) who are so obviously just using it for the sex without even caring if they will hurt their partner's feelings.
184.Finding someone you like on tinder, and having him swipe in that direction of destiny that will lead to him sweeping you off your feet one day in real life.
185.Decorating your house.
186. Collecting stamps with pictures of places you'll visit or are wanting to visit.
187. Making a wish for someone you know, because that someone is worth every bit of your attention, love and care.
188. Making a wish where you wish for more wishes (wishception xD )
189. Knowing that you'll make a lot of people happy just by being there.
190. Knowing that a good night's sleep is waiting for you (provided that rick and morty episode isnt out )
191. The nerd herd with Tom Hiddleston, Ming-Na-wen and maybe other guest stars.
192. Knowing that everyone's a geek on the inside and will share your interest.
193. Finding more about someone you want to know, and nursing his nice, broken , hurt side to turn him into the hero you know he would become.
197. Buying spices and then cooking nice food for yourself
198. Instant noodles when you're lazy to go out.
199. Turkey for christmas
200. Knowing that there are even more reasons that what I listed here, and there's an infinite amount of them.
201. If you don't wake up in the morning, the world will lose a beautiful person
202. You will deprive your potential love of the compassion, comfort and happiness that he or she truly deserves.
203. Knowing that the world is messed up, so you can take matters into your own hands and start a movement to begin fighting for the oppressed
204. Doing something nice for someone you don't know , knowing that their gratitude is genuine.
205. Having 30 tabs on in google chrome, all of which you'll check out for fun (guilty of that )
206. Knowing that your parents are wrong and that you're right
207. Breaking out of your parents' ..... prison of hell.
208.supporting someone through tough times, and knowing that when they win.. they also won because you were there. You made a positive impact on someone else's life.
209. Sleeping in a hammock,while seagulls and crabs trod on beside or below you.
210.Collecting pearls, and presenting them to your girlfriend, knowing that its unique and your lover will have the one and only copy of it thanks to you.
211. ALCOHOL during social gatherings.
212. That rick and morty handbook that is probably already out now.
213. Future Harry potter Sequel.
214. Hugging your best friend before you guys hang out.
215. You.You deserve all of this.Love,compassion , friendship, happiness, warmth ,kindness and companionship. And you deserve to give yourself the chance to experience it all.

I know .. I'm not one to say this, seeing that I'm very, very down myself. But I tried my best. You're important , so don't ever discount yourself. Life could be something good.. yet.

Don't go, you're more of a blessing than you'll ever know .

Much Kindness and Warmth,

It's called a tunnel because there's ALWAYS a light at the end.

rant to me if there's anything!



As usual... pm me if you are ever having a tough day, and I'll respond immediately.

You guys deserve to be happy no matter what.. okay? You people are a bunch of lovelies ... and no matter what, you people deserve to be happy.

Last edited by Green Yoshi; February 21st 2018 at 06:30 AM.
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TraitorBaby Offline
Average Joe
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Name: Jo
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Re: How to get up in the morning - February 21st 2018, 09:55 PM

That's awesome. Also I sent you a pm about it. Could you use these yourself? Go easy on yourself.

Edit: so I finally got the time to sit down and read all of these. They made me tear up. Also, you must really love rick and morty, cause you put it like five times. it's ok though, I'm waiting for season 4 myself.
By the way, my favorites are 113 and 134, may 4th is gonna be LIT.

Last edited by TraitorBaby; February 22nd 2018 at 01:32 AM.
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Green Yoshi Offline
The screwdriverneedsgas!
I've been here a while
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Name: carwithnogas
Gender: Male
Location: Cute Dinosaur Island!

Posts: 1,870
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Join Date: January 13th 2011

Re: How to get up in the morning - February 22nd 2018, 03:35 AM

Well I just watched it once, but that happened to be the pickle rick episode, so I know its a good show.

I tried my best.. but the thing is that.. things are kinda irreversible for me, the damage is already done. But you have hope.

You're so young. But I'm already 29.... so yeah.

It's called a tunnel because there's ALWAYS a light at the end.

rant to me if there's anything!



As usual... pm me if you are ever having a tough day, and I'll respond immediately.

You guys deserve to be happy no matter what.. okay? You people are a bunch of lovelies ... and no matter what, you people deserve to be happy.
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