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kylie. July 20th 2009 09:24 PM

Being clinically depressed... ?
I've been depressed for 7, almost 8 months and a couple of my friends think I'm clinically depressed. I don't know. But I have all the symptoms for depression. Major mood swings, eating disorder, different sleeping habits, a big decrease in weight, feeling worthless and helpless all day. Ugh, I don't know really I just want to stop. Stop cutting, Stop the pain. I don't care if this sounds stupid, but if your reading this, I'm sorry if I'm wasting your time. I'm pretty much just venting. My life is not that great. My mom is verbally abusive. So if we get in a fight, of course, it's my fault. It always is, always has been. Uhh, I'm made fun of at school or even if I'm just with my friends at the park or something. I don't get why people call me "emo." I rarely show negative emotions in public.And sure, I dress in dark colors, but a lot of people do and they don't get called "emo." Everyday at school i got stupid comments thrown at me, "Stupid emo kid, nobody likes you" and "Oooh, she cuts. Stay away from her or you'll get blood on you." It's so stupid. How would they know i I cut or not? And I actually have friends; I'm friends with almost everybody. Plus, I'm usually all hyper and happy when I'm with my friends. CONFUSING. Or, maybe it's just confusing to me. Probably just me, I don't really see the point in most things. I say "I'm sorry" way too much. And I'm sick of liars. People pretend to be my friend, then they turn around and gossip about something I told them. I'm so stupid. I'm not even like, up to date with the stupid rumors. I have no idea who's dating who, and that so and so did blah blah blah. I hate rumors, especially ones about me.
Sorry for my ranting or whatever you want to call it. Um, any help? Or, anybody want to talk? Anyone in a some what similar situation? :sad:
Again, sorry if I wasted your time. I just really had to get this all out. And also, sorry if I sound like a stupid kid whining about her life.

CherriesBlossom July 21st 2009 01:25 AM

Re: Being clinically depressed... ?
well hi there and welcome to teenhelp!
you are most definatly not wasting anyones time,
we are here to help!!

i am glad that you posted even if you just wanted to rant!
its helps get your frustrations out.

do you talk to your friends about your ed and cutting?
and have you thought about seeking out a consulor or therapist to help
you get over these things?

my mom is verbally abusive and its takes a heavy toll on me, im sorry you have to deal with this, you should tell someone about it and get help because dealing with this on the regular bases wont help you get and healtier.

the people that sterotype you as an emo, are wrong and you shouldnt care what they say, they are just going by your physical apperence and not whats inside your mind or heart so tell them to shove it :P

if you want to talk you can always pm me (:

keep your head up!

I ♥ Jehovah Shalom! July 21st 2009 05:06 AM

Re: Being clinically depressed... ?
I don't think your wasting time here and writing this and you know you don't know if you're depressed unless you get checked. That might be the best thing.
You can stop cutting, I know where you're standing. It's really hard and feels like the pain won't stop but trust me in this. I've been there.

God bless.

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