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zeekool February 11th 2010 01:30 AM

That Better Not Have Been an Omen...
I just wrote a whole long thing about how I just keep getting more and more depressed, etc. and the fucking website logged me out, so that when I pressed Submit New Thread, the site said I was just a guest and needed to log in, and my entire writing was deleted.
So, I'm really hoping that wasn't an omen to fucking "delete" myself... but also I can't deal with writing it all again, because it was hard enough the first time.
I know it isn't any of your fault, and really, I'm sorry for taking up your time with this stupid post. You don't have to read this or respond.. I just have nothing else I can do. I really, really hope this isn't a goodbye...

anony mouse. February 11th 2010 02:06 AM

Re: That Better Not Have Been an Omen...
Hey, Zach!! Welcome to TH, my name's Shiane. I'm a Buddy here, so if you ever have any questions about anything on the site or if you just wanna talk, PM or VM me. :)

Now, onto your problem. The site has done this a few times to me as well, too, so it isn't just you. ;) It's not an omen of anything, just an error. PM me with your problem is you still want to talk about it :) I don't bite, much.

sonic February 11th 2010 02:13 AM

Re: That Better Not Have Been an Omen...
Hey, I know that feeling. TH did that to me just yesterday. I guess its some security thing, like if youre inactive for x amount of time it logs you out. Pain in the ass if you ask me. If you do want to talk, PM me, Im not doing alot at for the next few days, so Im pretymuch online a fair bit.

Whisperer February 12th 2010 01:09 AM

Re: That Better Not Have Been an Omen...
That wasn't an omen at all. This post isn't stupid. You are reaching out and doing the right thing. Just hang in there though because you are going to get better and it's going to be okay. There is more you can do. Ask someone in your life for help. Tell them how hard it's been and work together to find some way to feel better. There are so many things to try in this world that will help you feel better, you just have to try. I know it may seem like it's getting worse, but it can only get better now. Stay strong Zach. I care about you.

ThePunkAlien February 13th 2010 04:23 PM

Re: That Better Not Have Been an Omen...
Zach, things will get better. I know how it seems like sometimes the pain seems like it will go on forever; but as you grow older things do actually do get better. Hang in there.

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