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Eyes on Fire-Xx July 10th 2010 02:20 AM

No one can stand me...
Every one either ignors me of dosnt want to be around me. even my best friend, i went over and it was her telling me how amazing het bf is (aka the guy who rejected me and asked her out in the same sentence) and then ranted bout how she saw an ''emo'' girl with cuts on her legs and that she was bad for it and refused to try to understand why i felt bad for the girl ( i SH) and said she only tries to help me cause im her friend...well she isnt acting like it...i was crying last night for like, 2 hours and she didnt notice. gah, i hate it when i cry, like im not pathetic enough...then i had nightmares, she wouldnt listin, just talked bout er dream bout her bf...even my best friend hates me recently...i cant get a hold of any of my other friends and the one that might have cared to hang out is in california right now, while im back here in new england. eh, im depresed over nothing tho...and i cant stop crying and i hate it...everyone is fed up with me...i wana curl up, go to sleep and never wake up...just needed to get this all down somewere...but now i cant stop crying...gah...i hate myself...sorry for rant...

*Jen* July 10th 2010 10:02 AM

Re: No one can stand me...
Hey Sumi,

I am sorry that you are feeling like this. Never say sorry for ranting though. It is good that you have got it out. It sounds like right now you really need your friends but they are not there for you. Your best friend doesn't really sound like a friend after the way she has been treating you recently. She just seems to dismiss your feelings and talk about herself. If she was a true friend she would be there for you. But maybe right now she doesn't realise how her behaviour is upsetting you. You could perhaps try explaining to her that you are going through a tough time at the moment and really need her to be there.

I don't think everyone is fed up with you. You should keep trying to get hold of your other friends and then when your other friend is back from California you should plan to meet up. Then you will have something to look forward to.

But don't hate yourself because of the way other people are being. You can't be responsible for how they behave.

I am always here if you want to chat. Stay strong

Eyes on Fire-Xx July 10th 2010 03:07 PM

Re: No one can stand me...
I tried explaining how i felt to her, but she dosnt get it...she cant understand why im depresed, what shes doing, or why i SH...and none of my other friend want to hang out...they havent all summer...im like the friend they dont like, but hang out with out of pity. i knew i was. but i had 3 real friends, my best friend, the one in california and the guy who was one of my best friends but hes my best friends boyfriend now, so she dosnt let us hang out, and cut our friendship off when she met him cause they went out as soon as they met..

JackOffJill July 10th 2010 04:46 PM

Re: No one can stand me...
I can relate to what you are going through but what you need to realize is that this is not your fault. Sometimes people pull away from friendships and it effects you but you did nothing to cause it. Your friends are not acting this way because they dont like you- its something that is going on in their lives. Does that make sense? You have to see that just because people turn away doesnt mean that they are doing it because of you- it could be something going on with them. Maybe try seeing it that way? Because there are plenty of people on here that can stand you and more than that. Sorry if im not much help.

DarkSeph July 11th 2010 01:30 AM

Re: No one can stand me...
Honestly it sounds like your friend really isn't being a good friend or understanding at all. Nice people are rare unfortunately, don't blame yourself when others are being unreasonable to you. You really deserve far better. I'm certain if you had a friend who was going through the same as you, you'd support them. I can relate to having few friends in real life, but that wont last forever, one day you'll definitely meet people who truly appreciate you for who you are. You're a really nice and wonderful person and personally I think you have an awesome personality and interests. Be proud of who you are, don't let others discourage you and stay positive. :hug:

brokenn July 11th 2010 01:35 AM

Re: No one can stand me...
im so sorry for what you are going through.. but yeah your so called bestfriend isnt really a bestfriend:(

Eyes on Fire-Xx July 11th 2010 03:52 AM

Re: No one can stand me...
thank you all for replying..i know she isnt...but she can be very nice and supportive...but recently shes just been mean...and i cant make alot of friends, so just her, her bf (who was my friend first...) and my friends across the country whos been kinda blowing me off lately too (when he wasnt on vacation) :( so im running out of friends that care about me at all...

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