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Liz94 July 12th 2010 07:45 PM

Friend taking the mick out of my depression.
Just to let you knowthere is a reference to SH and one or two swear words.

So basically I am in a depression and a pretty bad one as well. This has meant and means that I am very quite and distant at school I dont really talk at all. I have been becoming more and more the class loner for the past term and this depression has meant that I really am a stranger to alot of my ' close' friends.

Anyway today I was trying to talk a bit more as I was and am hating the fact that I am feeling so alone and disant from my friends. Then one of them runs up to some other friends whispers something all 3 of them look up at me and laugh. Then this friend runs back to where she is sitting ( two seats away from me) and starts rolling her eyes at mates and them pointing at me.

This really upset me and one the way to next lesson a friend said I think Lauren ( thats the friend who was running up to friends and laughing, pointing and eye rolling about me) is annoyed with you. I this after a week of not talking at all really I just lost it and was like....Do you think I wake up and go today I am going to be depressed and inward...do you think I wake up and go oh im not going to smile, talk or intereact..no I dont...do you have any idea how hard depressions are....do you have any idea that i have started cutting myself, bindging and starving myself again.....

At this point I burst into tears....
I would of thorght that by now my friends would understand that I get depressions. I dont ask them to get me out of them. I just wish they would be a bit more surportive and not make me go even deeper into a depression or make me feel gulity for having an illness I cant control by bitching about me whe i am in one....
Im so down at the moment and todays events are tipping me over the edge...I seriosly considereing skiving tommorow cause I cant take any more piss takings...

annalibelle July 12th 2010 09:28 PM

Re: Friend taking the mick out of my depression.
Your friends are being a bit intolerant, but I think you should talk to them instead of ditching them at once. Ask Lauren why she made that comment, and tell her you know that she is frustrated/annoyed. Make sure she gets how difficult life is for you right now, maybe she didn't realize the extent of your depression. And make sure that all of your friends know how seriously hurting you are.
I'm sure that your friends do love and would like to support you. Maybe they're just not clear on how serrious it is.

Jacksonian July 15th 2010 02:54 AM

Re: Friend taking the mick out of my depression.
Why is she even angry at you ? You are the one who is suffering. or did you do something else that perhaps you didn't realize you did ? Yeah, go talk to her and ask her why she is doing this.

.:Bibliophile:. July 15th 2010 05:38 AM

Re: Friend taking the mick out of my depression.

I am so sorry that this is happening to you. You DESERVE friends that can be there for you when you are struggling. You DO NOT deserve friends who are going to treat you badly for feeling the way you do. Sadly, there are a lot of people in the world who are intolerant of depression or simply don't take the time to understand it and choose ignorance instead.

While these friends may not be all that understand I want you to know that there are people out there who will be more supportive and understanding of your issues. It might take a while to find them but it can happen.

Please don't let your friends bring you even further into this depression. The best advice I can give you is to look at their behavior as an indication that they are not good enough to share in your struggles. They may still be friends of yours but they don't deserve to share in the intimate details of your life/struggles.

I know more then anything you want people who can understand your struggles and the fact that you cannot seem to find those people is bringing you down. But don't give up on your ability to find those people that can be there and don't let this obstacle bring you down because you can and will make it through.

Stay strong and if you need anything feel free to pm me.

Jenna :)

WillO'Wisp July 16th 2010 12:47 AM

Re: Friend taking the mick out of my depression.
Lauren is not your friend if she does that, she's a bitch and isn't worthy of your friendship. That's not fair of her to go to people and say things about you, this proves she can't be trusted, so don't even talk to her or say anything to her anymore so she has nothing to blabber to her friends.
As strange as this sounds, it may be a good thing to be distant right now from your friends. You need to do this yourself, get better yourself, and you don't need anymore knowing about your problems or interfering.
Have you tried talking to your parents about getting you a Councillor? You should try and open up to an adult or family member you trust and try seeking some professional help, it'd really do alot for you in the long run if you give it a chance.

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