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Lovehatelife23 December 2nd 2010 12:02 AM

Im going to do it!
Im going to do it and get it over with bc i dont belong here anymore. Nobody understands. nobody cares about what i go through. i just dont get it. i feel like just letting go and getting it over it and say my last goodbyes bc no one would care if i was gone in the first place. they think im a bad person and i dont appreciate everything when i do. THATS FREAKING WRONG! IM DONE!:(

.:Bibliophile:. December 3rd 2010 12:28 AM

Re: Im going to do it!

I am so sorry you are struggling but I believe you can make it through this. Keep fighting and keep holding on to hope because things can get better with time.

Have you ever tried reaching out to people and letting them know what you are going through? I think you should give that a try. Sometimes when we are really sad we feel like we are alone and no one cares however if a person is given a chance to support us they will. I believe there are people in your life who care you just have to give them the chance to support you. Is there anyone you could think of reaching out to? A teacher, a parent, a friend, a family member or another trusted adult? I know it can be hard to reach out but in the end it might be worth it.

I think it would be good for you to make a reasons to live list. This list can help you see all the things you have to keep holding on for. I know sometimes when a person is really sad it is hard for them to see the point in holding on but making a list might help you with that.

Here is a link:


I am also going to suggest that you look into calling a hotline. I know that might be hard to do but it will give you someone to talk to about everything that is going on and it will prevent you from holding it all inside.

Here is a link:


I really hope this helped and if you need anything please feel free to pm me.

Jenna :)

Lovehatelife23 December 7th 2010 10:26 PM

Re: Im going to do it!
i kno im just so sick and tired of this Bullshit. i cant take it anymore. my life has been a bad for me. i just want to die. i feel so depressed. i dont go no where anymore. nobody understands me. im not myself anymore. what do i do. i cant take it.

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