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westitchthesewounds December 4th 2010 10:20 PM

Getting Ideas D:
So, at school we've been learning about drugs. One day we were talking about snuffing stuff you can find at home. My health teacher said some people are found dead with the stuff still up their nose, cause it's that deadly. I'm not really blaming her for this, but it gave me an idea. Since overdosing doesn't work well, and I don't really want pain on the way out, why not do that?
I'm really getting any better, even though I just barely started with counceling. The thing about my counceling is that I have to wait weeks between each counceling session, and each one only lasts about an hour, that's barely enough time to get everything out. Things have just been getting worse. I'm losing my best friends, I'm failing school, I rarely have anyone to talk to, I'm spending all my free time alone cause no one likes to hang out with me. There's much more. So why not? Snuffing the stuff might work, it's been proven. I want to leave this black hole forever.....

womack09 December 5th 2010 08:00 AM

Re: Getting Ideas D:
i have a friend who felt like this for a while, it can be hard to deal with everything mostly u probably feel that ur alone and theres no one there who would want to help or even care but trust me, just giving up and just throwing ur life away isnt the answer. i've seen people go through alot as well as gone through alot of things myself. i know losing friends is hard to deal with, especially if they were really close friends, i know how that feels. u probably wanna get everything out. have someone to talk to about all this that u can trust who will listen and care about what ur saying... if it helps any i'll be happy talk with u about it and help u through all this and any other things u may need to talk to someone about.

Lost_In_Thought December 6th 2010 07:12 PM

Re: Getting Ideas D:
i know how u feel i feel so alone right now i have no one my dog doesnt even want to be around me but it has to chang sometime believe me when school is done it will change if u go to college u will find friends highschool friends never last anyway but u just have to hold on it will get better

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