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Lovehatelife23 December 9th 2010 01:26 PM

I need HELP!
:(What the heck. I dont have any Freedom to myself. I dont think that im not going to last through christmas. Im thinking about just letting go and get over with it. I dont know anymore i really dont. People dont understand what i go through and i react to it. Ive tried my best. But im thinking this is they way to go if i dont get any help. Cant Someone Help me please!

jimbo1234 December 9th 2010 06:23 PM

Re: I need HELP!
hello leslie, suicide is not the only way out, i understand how you feel, however you shouldnt let things break you, but you should let them make you, of course i dot know what type of stuff your going through, but people love you because of the person you are, your friends love you, they may not act like it but they might not think its "cool" but, trust me, even though i dont know you, just reading your message, i would miss you, lots of people would, your an amazing person leslie, and you can achive alot in yourlife, think of this as a personal challenge that you need to get through, and once your through, you'll be on top of the world looking back on the past with a smile on your face, your truely a good person, you deserve to grow to be mature, get married, maybey have kids,

i truley hope ive helped leslie. Good luck for the future,
if you need anything at all, drop me an email
Take care of yourself, and remember

"dont let your troubles break you, let them make you"

Lovehatelife23 December 9th 2010 06:50 PM

Re: I need HELP!
thanx, but i just need something to make me happy. today im not feeling like myself bc im in so much pain and saddness that i cant cope. ive tried to laugh and tried to be my self but it couldnt come out. im just a lost girl that doesnt belong here. ive tried. sorry

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