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LazzaBeep March 7th 2011 05:20 PM

Do I Just End It All?
Lately I have been struggling a lot.. This is really hard for me to write to be honest.

I struggle a lot a home. My 10 year old sister had ADHD and is getting tested for Autism as well.
I find it really hard to deal with her as she is always throwing some sort of temper tantrum when she dont get what she wants. The thing that makes me feel really bad about it all is that she can't help what she is doing and she dont know what she is doing is wrong.
I also have a lot of stress at college as well. I have loads of work to do to be able to get into uni and its all getting on top of me now.
I just have loads of things to deal with and the amount of things I have thought of just ending things by just walking under a bus is un-real
What do I Do? :(

Riddikulus March 7th 2011 05:27 PM

Re: Do I Just End It All?
I am sorry things are rough for you at the moment, it sounds like you in a really hard place. Maybe you should take to someone you trust, perhaps a family member or a counsellor? Someone the will listen and support you.
Suicide is never the answer, life in a beautiful thing and you never know what will happen tommorow. 'Things will be okay in the end, if it's not okay, it's not the end'
If you ever want to talk, feel free to PM me
Stay strong and take care
Charli :-)

Palmolive March 8th 2011 08:42 PM

Re: Do I Just End It All?
Hey there.

I am really glad that you managed to write this. It's something you should be proud of.

It sounds like things really are quite tough for you right now and its understandable you're feeling low. I think the most important thing here is that you take time out for yourself. It may sound like a small thing but it can make a real big different. Perhaps try and give yourself half an hour out to yourself eveyr day. Whether thats to have a bubble bath, watch tv, read a book, play a game, go for a walk/run, anything which you enjoy. Have a bit of you time. Try going out with friends more at weekends or after school too. Perhaps go to the cinema with them or out for lunch. Try and have a bit of a laugh, it can really help.

I want to encourage you to talk to people when you need someone to listen to. People care about you and they want to help you but they can only do so if you let them in. Perhaps try talking to a friend, family member, teacher, school nurse/counselor or a doctor. They can all be there for you just for a bit of support. You don't have to feel this way on your own.

I know things seem rough right now but they can get better. You deserve to be happy. You can do this, don't be alone.


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