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Cassidy10 March 25th 2011 08:14 AM

Why? :(
idk why i'm here...i don't know why i can't just do it. i can burn and cut myself but i cant even pull a trigger. Is it cause i hate my body when there's nothing wrong? is it cause my family is broken and i jst want everyone to be happy again but all they do is fight. my friends are my get away but they fight and expect me to pick sides when they know i cant. or is it the little comments people make about me? they dont know how much it actually hurts making fun of how u talk..look..or anything that u do. i feel like one dumb comment breaks me down i already feel bad about myself and than i go to school for them to bring me down even farther. maybe it's just the fact boys screw me over and cheat on me because im not good enough for them or i won't give them wat they want. I can do nothing right so y live for nothing. ive been told im stupid worthless and never gonna be better than most people. i feel like i mess up everything i try and succeed in. So why stay here when ur in hell?

Maverick. March 25th 2011 08:35 AM

Re: Why? :(
Welcome to TH. :)

In life, we have moments where we question ourselves. We wonder to ourselves, "Why me? Why did that happen to me? Why can't I be like that person? Why does live have to go in this direction for me?" The answer to all of those is a mystery. Life is a jigsaw puzzle. You start off with a bunch of tiny pieces, but after time passes, we put those pieces together and somehow, the complete picture forms. In life, we have events that really make us crack. We have to learn to not let them get to us. You are not a horrible person. You shouldn't listen to those that tell you otherwise. You can do anything you put your mind to. If you have problems at home, you need to work them out. If you have problems with your friends, you need to talk with them. If you have problems with self harming yourself, we can help you with that. Don't feel helpless. You are not at the end of your rope. You are loved. You don't deserve to end your life. You are not worthless. Find something that you enjoy doing. Try exercising. Try to do something physical to let all of your emotions out. Write, or draw pictures. Talking here is also a good way to let it all out. We are always here to talk with you. :)

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