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sarahann101 August 9th 2011 02:48 AM

Many sudden family and friend deaths
I'm still a young teenager and i've had counseling beofre and i'm starting to want to go back. 1 week after my birthday, my great grandmother died. the day after my birthday we left the state to go visit her. I watched her die, and that was the most painful thing i have ever had to deal with in my entire life. I was doing well accepting that she is in heaven and not in anymore pain, until the other day. i was reading something i had written when i had first heard that she had fallen. i was so happy because the doctors were sure that she would be ok, but she took a turn for the worst. i've been depressed since i've read this and remembered it, i've spent at least 2 hours every day just sitting in my room in the dark thinking about her. also, my uncle is passing away of lung cancer. he has hospice coming to his house daily. both of these happened at the same time. this will be my 2nd lost uncle. i know theyre in a better place but i have nobody to tell these things to. and my ddad and i dont have the best relashionship, and every time i try to tell my mom, she gets mad at me. i end up daily pouring all of this out on my friend but i think she's getting annoyed with it. and when i tell my mom something is bothering me, she laughs and says its no big deal. i want to go back to counseling but i don't know how. if i tell my mom this, she'll laugh. any ideas on what to do? please? i'm losing more people besides my uncle and great grandmother and its starting to really ttake a toll on my personality and its not helpiing with my dad and i's relashionship.... please someone help with what i should do

football94 August 9th 2011 03:03 AM

Re: Many sudden family and friend deaths
I think you are just grieving, I know people in my family who arent fairing well either, I know its hard to watch them slip away from the world. Very Hard. I wish I could help you but...I'm dealing with the same thing :(

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