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M'kayla December 27th 2011 05:47 AM

Since about the second week of school these nasty horrible rumors started going around about me. I was devasted because none of them were true but when rumors go around the only thing they listen to is the rumor not what i had to say. my bf dumped me and basicaly no1 talked to me anymore. I came home and sobbed every night for a month straight. then i ran out tears for the subject. I just woke up went to school came home and slept or stared at the tv all night long. Then the last day before school let out for christmas break(12/16/11) i finaly found out it was my best friend the only person who was still talking to me... i am so devasted, betrayed, depressed. this is the first year i didn't celebrate christmas because i didn't feel like leaving from the only safe place i had left. so i missed out on the ski trip and the yearly visit to maine to see my relatives. I have a history with pain meds i feel if i take all them then hopefully i can OD and just end my misery. But i don't want to be selfish and take my own life but it just seems so tempting, because i am depressed, i have parents who are never around and a brother off in college and no1 at school to turn to. maybe someone on here can help. someone who can help me get out of the depression i am in and help me move on.

Nimit Kapoor December 27th 2011 01:45 PM

Re: depression...
Hey, can i call you kayla ?
Yeah so, listen kayla, rumors are just something you need to ignore, people who are jealous of you will always try to bring you down, and just destroy you. Ignore these kinda' people and whatever they say, We are here to help you. :) Just call me when you need it. if you want to share stuff with people, you can find many on this site who will understand you, and will help you with things.
Take care. :)
You can ask for help any time, just PM. :)

Bernard123 December 28th 2011 06:14 AM

Re: depression...
Depression cure:

Some tips to cure depression effectively.
Do take deep breath in fresh air,
Take multivitamin regularly,
Share your problems with your family.....

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