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Brandon October 10th 2010 10:11 PM

Is He Mentally Challenged?
I have the house to myself for 2-3 days and I have to take care of my grandmother's dog. He's a fun dog, lovable, but very fragile.


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For a small dog, he never goes to the bathroom. He has a superiority complex and pees everywhere only when going for walks. But when I take him out, he never goes the bathroom -- he just stands there and eventually lays on the grass. I'm like "no...go to the bathroom." I end up moving around for 10 minutes, waiting for him to hike his chicken leg up and take a piss but...no...he just sits there all chill like admiring the weather like he's in no rush to do anything anytime soon. What can I do, besides giving him walks, to get him use the restroom on his own and not inside the house?

Kitty. October 11th 2010 06:14 AM

Re: Is He Mentally Challenged?
Hey :)

To be honest, he sounds like a normal small dog to me. I have a small dog as well and he isn't the brightest bulb. Small dogs are usually not too bright.

Has your grandmother's dog been neutered? If not, that would definitely explain the sporadic peeing.
My dog doesn't lift his leg to pee since he was neutered young.
If your grandmother's dog has been neutered, it could be that he got neutered later.

It would take training. Lots of training.
It took a while to teach my dog that going in the house is bad.

Take him out at set times. My mom has a schedule of when she takes my dog out. :nosweat:

If he pees in the house, tell him "No" and "Bad boy"

Reward him when he pees outside.

He will get the hang of it soon enough. It will take more than a couple days though.

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