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Angelita July 27th 2012 11:23 PM

Permanent marks/scars?
Hey. I recently started another type of something I guess falls under the category 'self-harm'. Dripping hot candle wax in the inner of my arm. Do anyone know if this will cause some kind of permanent marks of scars?

And also i have some scars from when I used a sharp metal-thing to peel of some lines of skin. I've had them for 2 months. Do you know if they will go away/fade or whatever?

escape♥ July 28th 2012 12:37 AM

Re: Permanent marks/scars?
Hey Angelita,
Depending on how severe the burn from the candle wax is (skin raw, bleeding, etc) then you may or may not have a scar/mark. I think the scars you said you've had will fade with time. You might get scar reducing cream or put lotion on them everyday. I hope I helped.

Palmolive July 29th 2012 04:56 PM

Re: Permanent marks/scars?
Hi there,

I personally doubt that this will cause permanent scaring. However, I can not tell you that for sure. But in the meantime it might help to use something such as bio-oil to help reduce any scaring.

I know you havent really asked for help with the self harming but I wanted you to know that if you do want help or just need to talk/rant, that we're always here to listen and we'll try our best to help andf support you in any way that we can.


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