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Ontheverge March 17th 2011 04:39 AM

So I've been real good.
Well I've been real good for the last few weeks. I can't even remember the last time I cut. Needless to say it was a fair while ago.
Now though, I can't think why I stopped. The main reason was for vanities sake, but that's ridiculous, I mean who's going to see the blood? I'm at uni, I don't share a room or anything. I'm just too busy failing for this shit right now.
This should really be a blog or something, I guess if any one posts a reply then some one similar to me might find it useful though :)

Riddikulus March 17th 2011 10:23 PM

Re: So I've been real good.
It is brilliant that you have gone a few weeks, well done.
It sounds like things are hard for you at the moment, but you don't want to start cutting again, think about how good it feels to have not cut for a while. If you ever get the urges to cut, distract yourself, do something you enjoy and soon the urges will fade.
You can do this, i know you can
Feel free to PM me if you ever want to talk,
Stay strong and take care
Charli :-)

Skeleton March 17th 2011 10:28 PM

Re: So I've been real good.
I'm glad to hear that you've been good so far but no matter how hard times are, you shouldn't go back to that. There is always alternatives that you can do! If you need anyone to talk to, feel free to PM me.

BethGoesRawr March 21st 2011 09:15 PM

Re: So I've been real good.
thats brilliant!
i started cutting last week :(

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