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hopefuldreamer December 28th 2012 06:58 PM

Diagnosed with ADHD
So I went for a physical for college today and I decided to talk to my doctor about my concentration issues. I have always had issues with concentration since I was little. When in elementary school my parents blamed it on my being hyper, then in middle school and high school they blamed it on my depression. Well I still managed good grades all though school, because it didn't really matter if I could pay attention during class because the work was easy so I had no problem. When i started college I did horrible, I couldn't concentrate through lecture because I get bored so and couldn't sit still. Well the college work isn't like high school it is a lot harder so my grades dropped a lot. Since I am starting back to college I needed to be able to do well so I talked to my doctor. The doctor started me on Vyvanse, they are going to increase the dose over the next three weeks until I get to the right dosage. Does anybody know anything about this medicine is there anything I should know?

Always * December 29th 2012 03:43 AM

Re: Diagnosed with ADHD
I don't know to much about it, but I used to take Adderall and Concerta and I found that trying various google results pulled up quite a variety of excellent results on the subject. Just a suggestion in case no one else knows much about it.
You can always PM me too if you want to talk about it

Wildflower ♥ December 29th 2012 05:19 AM

Re: Diagnosed with ADHD
I was on concerta from ages 8-15 and now I'm on the patch, which is Adderall in a patch form, that you put on your hip, and it released a dosage every hour, for 9 hours. So like 15 mg is 1.5 mg every hour, and I've been on that since I was 15. Most people you will find will be on either ritalin, concerta, or adderall.

hopefuldreamer December 29th 2012 04:24 PM

Re: Diagnosed with ADHD
The doctor put me on Vyvanse because it last longer than the others so I would have to take multiple doses. I took my second dose today so maybe I will notice some difference I hope if not we will increase the dose

Wildflower ♥ December 29th 2012 07:07 PM

Re: Diagnosed with ADHD
Wait, if it lasts longer then only one dose should be needed...

hopefuldreamer December 30th 2012 04:29 PM

Re: Diagnosed with ADHD
I know, I am sorry that's what I meant to say. I was trying to say multiple doses wouldn't be needed, but I got distracted halfway through typing the word and forgot the ending. :( Sorry.

Lizzie December 30th 2012 05:52 PM

Re: Diagnosed with ADHD
Are you also going to counseling? AD/HD medication works best if you are coupling it with counseling. You will learn techniques on how to better keep focus and channel your energy. Without the counseling the medication may not be helpful. I highly suggest you ask your doctor about this.

Diagnosing someone later in life with AD/HD can have some draw backs. I am assuming this doctor didn't know you as a child, all they have to go off of is what you tell them. Often children with AD/HD do not get good grades, not because they can't do the work, but because they can't focus long enough to finish the assignment. The fact that you could finish them and you got good grades is interesting.

If you don't find this medication to be helpful, you might just be in the boat that every other college student is in. College is hard, its meant to be hard and I don't know a single person who doesn't loose interest in boring lectures. If you had just typed that information I would figure you a typical college student. Some people can coast through school with minimal effort but then are dumbfounded on why college is so difficult for them. They never learned how to study, take notes, or cram for tests. Now they have to learn all of those things while trying to pass classes. It may be beneficial for you to learn how to take notes and study for exams. Often schools have seminars on those types of things. If you didn't have to do those things in high school because the work was so easy, you need to learn them now. I know it might seem silly but there is a right and wrong way to studying.

Anyways, enough of my ramblings. Different AD/HD medications can have different side effects... and some weird ones at that, like changes in weight. I suggest you either ask your doctor about them, or probably an easier route would be to ask your pharmacist for known side effects.

Always * December 31st 2012 03:48 AM

Re: Diagnosed with ADHD
I have to agree with a lot of what Lizzie said. A lot of why people struggle in college is because they don't know how to study right. Everyone has their own "way" to study, but even still you have to study "right" in order for it be effective and attending some seminars or talking to a counsellor or consultant of some type would probably help--you'd get diff tips on how to make things work and spin off with you're own way of doing it... I was one of those people who just sort of coasted through high school cause it wasn't that challenging for me to get average grades (70's and low to mid 80's) without really having to struggle particularly hard. That combined with attention problems made it difficult for me in my first year of university.
Like I am one of those people who as long as I have something to do I am good (ex. watching tv and doing stuff on my computer or reading). I do best if I have stuff to do outside of school because it helps me from getting overwhelmed and makes sure I manage my time (because if i have to go somewhere at X time then I am more inclined to get "cracking" than if I have nothing better to do than go home, have supper and study day after day, prevents procrastination). So it's really all about doing what will work best for you.
And as for the meds, vyanese... Is that non-stimulant? Because that might be helpful. The stimulants (like Ritalin, Adderall, Concerta) caused me to feel more anxious and high strung and I think that's cause it was a stimulant and I wasn't the only one who had issues like that. The non-stimulants (such as strattera which is the only one I know of like that) might be beneficial to someone like me. You might want to monitor changes in weight, appetite, sleep habits and mood closely. Those tend to be the major areas of concern (like I'd always be asked by the docs about it). You should ask people close to you to help monitor it as well (a roommate or parents if your still at home or a close friend or 2). Also, ask your doctor to do an ECG (or refer you), none of my other docs did it but I went in one day and my doc was like yeah this should be done just in case because if you have (unknown) heart or thyroid problems (ex. levels that would be considered at risk are a consideration too) it is important to make sure that those will remain under control. It might not be 100% necessary if it took a while for a doctor to suggest it, but it seemed like a good idea once my doctor explained why :)

hopefuldreamer January 2nd 2013 06:27 PM

Re: Diagnosed with ADHD
I have had the same doctor all of my life. My teachers and doctor have thought I had ADHD since I was little, but my mom wouldn't let them do the screening for it. It isn't like I just now started having issues in college it has been a life long thing. I just finally was able to make the choice for myself to get help for it.

medic2013 January 6th 2013 06:07 PM

Re: Diagnosed with ADHD
I know that feeling. I knew something wasn't right when i started college. They just didn't know what. They kept saying to me that i was fine. Well, i asked for help when i got to college and they tested me and found out i had ADD. They tested me to help figure that out and they said i've had to have it all my life. I've had to learn to do things again because when i was in high school and elemtarty school, my teachers was telling me how to do it and my parents was bascely doing everything for me. When i got to college, i didn't know what to do or how to do anything. My dr has put me on meds for my ADD and the meds seem to help alot

Tara Leigh January 14th 2013 05:19 PM

Re: Diagnosed with ADHD
I do not know much about this subject but i personally take a very simillar medicine for my ADD, ADD is alot like ADDHD and i had no trouble with my medicine.. They used to give me the same one your taking but my ADD got alot better... Good luck for the future, haveba good day :)

hopefuldreamer January 22nd 2013 02:03 PM

Re: Diagnosed with ADHD
Thanks all,
My doctor was able to get the meds to the strength that I need and it seems to be helping. Thank you all for your support. :hug:

Philomath January 23rd 2013 10:48 PM

Re: Diagnosed with ADHD
Hey Tonya,

That is great to hear, I am glad your doctor was able to help you sort things out. :)

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