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LeRiA July 20th 2015 11:20 PM

There's no point. I'm just disabled.

Thereishope July 21st 2015 02:34 AM

Re: Do I have autism?
We can't give you a diagnosis here. I can say though that if you think you might have autism, I would strongly suggest talking to your doctor about this. They would be able to determine whether or not you do or do not.

Palmolive July 21st 2015 10:06 PM

Re: .
Hi there,

I see that you have deleted the content of your post, but just wanted you to know that we're here for you if you need us so don't be alone. We're here to listen and support and we won't judge you. If you want to talk, feel free, okay? I hope that you are okay and you're fighting through the hard times. Take good care of yourself. :hug:

DeletedAccount11 July 22nd 2015 12:37 AM

Re: .
Hey. :)

I saw that you deleted some of what you posted and I was wondering why? I just want you to know that you're welcome to rewrite it or even post another thread. Sharing how you're feeling, your thoughts, concerns and just simply getting things off your chest can help a lot. And TeenHelp is a great place to do just that. None of us will judge you, okay? Sure, we can't diagnose you or anything, but we can surely listen and offer support and our friendship.

From Michael's post, it sounds like you suspect you may have a disability. Having a disability can have a huge impact both physically and emotionally. Regardless, it doesn't change or define who you are. You're still who you are and having a disability doesn't make you less of a person!

Hope you decide to post again and that you're okay. You can message me if you need to talk, I don't mind listening. Take care and stay strong. :hug:

Evanesco July 23rd 2015 09:46 PM

Re: .
I just want to offer my support, as someone living with several disabilities. If you need someone to talk to, feel free to message me. :hug:

LeRiA August 6th 2015 10:30 AM

Re: .
Okay, I don't know who edited this, but it took me a lot of time to write that! :(

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