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Closed Thread
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Stardaze Offline
Hopeless Love
Jeez, get a life!
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Age: 28
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Location: California

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Join Date: November 7th 2009

nails, ughhh. - April 14th 2010, 03:06 PM

Has anyone here bitten there nails, or do bite them now?
If you do, do you want to stop?

I bite my nails, far enough down it starts making my hands hurt to even type, or text. I don't know what to do. I do it when I'm nervous, scared, bored. or anytime really.

Any good suggestions to stop? Or is it just impossible now?
If i don't stop now, i don't think i will EVER be able to break this habit.

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losing touch. Offline
oh, really?..
Jeez, get a life!
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Age: 26
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Join Date: January 8th 2009

Re: nails, ughhh. - April 14th 2010, 04:52 PM

Have you tried the polish you can buy that tastes disgusting? I don't know how effective it would be but it's worth a try. Also, find something else to do when you're nervous or bored.. chew gum or something. I used to bite my nails and i found it helpful to have my nails painted because i was more likely to bite them if they weren't painted.

..and our dreams will break the boundaries of our fears..

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Fanatic Offline
In Christ Alone ♥
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Name: Mary
Age: 23
Gender: Female
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Join Date: February 8th 2010

Re: nails, ughhh. - April 14th 2010, 11:24 PM

I do bite them still now. And I do wish I can stop, but they are already torn up. A friend told me a method that can help is putting tape on your nails, or if they are already torn up then wear fake nails. I'm thinking of getting fake nails, so I won't bite them.

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Lu82 Offline
Experienced TeenHelper
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Gender: Female
Location: Planet Earth

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Join Date: March 27th 2010

Re: nails, ughhh. - April 15th 2010, 01:05 AM

i used to. but not anymore.

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Emily. Offline
taste the sky
Experienced TeenHelper
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Name: Emily
Age: 29
Gender: Female
Location: middle of nowhere

Posts: 689
Join Date: February 3rd 2009

Re: nails, ughhh. - April 15th 2010, 03:30 AM

I definitely have the habit of biting my nails. I used to bite them till the bled and it hurt to touch things. It was already mentioned above, but keeping my nails painted has really helped me. Also, there are products out there that you can paint on your nails that are disgustingly bitter. You can prbly order them online; just google it. Chewing gum helps to keep your mouth busy too or chewing ice works too.

Good luck!
<3 Emily

"Sometimes it's a struggle to be not who you want to be, not who you used to be, not who you're going to be,
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Welcome me, I'm new!
Six Feet Under The Stars's Avatar
Name: SixFeetUnderTheStars
Gender: Female

Posts: 7
Join Date: April 15th 2010

Re: nails, ughhh. - April 15th 2010, 06:13 PM

ughhhhhhhhh! im AWFUL for biting my nails! i barely have any left! and i HATE the way the look!! eww.....my fingers just looks like stumps!!
i can't quit either! jeeeez....that horrid tasteing stuff doesnt work, i get used to the tatse! and i tried an elastic band trick which failed to work and just brused my wrist!! hummmmmmm

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dropsofjupiter Offline
Welcome me, I'm new!
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Name: Katie
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Location: England

Posts: 32
Join Date: January 9th 2010

Re: nails, ughhh. - April 15th 2010, 08:23 PM

I bite my nails but I don't do it to bite bits off iyswim?? I get really annoyed when I can feel the edge of my nail digging into my finger a little bit, so I bite it a tiny bit so the edges dont touch my fingers so they just stick up. suppose it doesn't really do any harm.

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.Brittany. Offline
AKA Reckless Emotion

TeenHelp Addict
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Name: Brittany
Gender: Female
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Re: nails, ughhh. - April 15th 2010, 09:02 PM

I used to bite mine all the time, but I don't anymore. I just started painting my nails, with nail polish, and it makes me not want to bite them anymore. Give it a shot!

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stronger than you seem,
and smarter than you think.”

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Fading Light. Offline
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TeenHelp Addict
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Join Date: September 20th 2009

Re: nails, ughhh. - April 17th 2010, 10:25 AM

Originally Posted by .Brittany. View Post
I used to bite mine all the time, but I don't anymore. I just started painting my nails, with nail polish, and it makes me not want to bite them anymore. Give it a shot!
Same with me. Especially if it's a colour (as opposed to clear), because then I can just look down and think, 'Oh, right, I'm not meant to be biting them'. I've tried a product designed to help with nail-biting. It tasted gross, and that was okay, but the problem was that I kept getting that taste in my food too. I had to wash my hands like a million times a day, and that sucked.
As Elle said, finding something to replace the habit is helpful too. I tend to fiddle with things now.
Don't worry about it too much, because it's a habit that definitely can be broken. I used to bite my nails all the time, but now I only do it occasionally, so it's not enough to do any damage.
Anyway, so, yeah, you can break the habit. And good luck!

if you know the hunter's coming
then you hide or keep on running
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i_am_me_again Offline
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Name: Jaymi
Age: 33
Gender: Female
Location: England

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Re: nails, ughhh. - April 17th 2010, 12:26 PM

Me, I used to bite my nails and skin, untill all my fingers where red,bleeding, sore and stung, and till all my nails were crooked.

I found what helped me was to get a proper manicure, this will give your sore fingers a time to heal and your nails time to grow, the way the nails will look when you have had a manicure will give you a motive to not bite anymore because you rememebr how good they looked long.

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PM me!

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Stardaze Offline
Hopeless Love
Jeez, get a life!
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Age: 28
Gender: Female
Location: California

Posts: 5,799
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Join Date: November 7th 2009

Re: nails, ughhh. - April 17th 2010, 06:45 PM

Thanks for the advice guys.
I think I'll try the polish thing. I just hope i don't bite it off.

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Magic. Offline
I've been here a while
Magic.'s Avatar
Name: Poppy
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Location: Brisbane

Posts: 1,441
Join Date: January 16th 2009

Re: nails, ughhh. - April 17th 2010, 07:26 PM

I stopped biting mine a while ago with some staining nail stuff ... basically it makes your whole fingers taste so bad you gag so you keep your hands away from your mouth, let alone your nails. Polish never worked for me cos I picked it off, this is like a liquid, and it doesn't wash off like when you wash your hands etc
I've started again though ... need to stop again :/

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Batman. Offline
Protector of Gotham
I can't get enough
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Name: Julz
Age: 31
Gender: Female
Location: Ontario, Canada

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Join Date: December 14th 2009

Re: nails, ughhh. - April 18th 2010, 03:43 AM

What actually got me to stop biting my nails was a film I had seen in Science class, about the microscopic worms that live under your nails. And before you ask, they're fatal. Kidding! They're not fatal, I don't think they cause any actual harm. However, having your nails bit down to stubs makes you more vulnerable to infections under, in, and around the nails. Frankly, I just found the idea of biting on wormies gross.
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Kitty. Offline
Jeez, get a life!
Kitty.'s Avatar
Name: Kitty
Gender: Female

Posts: 6,269
Join Date: January 23rd 2010

Re: nails, ughhh. - April 18th 2010, 05:38 AM

A couple of ideas for you:

1. Paint your nails
2. Keep them short
3. Chew gum
4. Text people

Good luck!
PM me anytime
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TheLittleNinja Offline
I'm a secret ninja ;)
I've been here a while
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Name: Claiiiiiiiiire
Gender: Female
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Re: nails, ughhh. - April 18th 2010, 09:00 PM

Yeah, or dip your nails in nail polish remove - that tastes DISGUSTING!

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Spellbound Offline
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Re: nails, ughhh. - April 18th 2010, 10:30 PM

I used to chew them a lot, a few years ago. I don't anymore, because I like the way my nails look when they're slightly longer and painted. I hate ruining the paint on my nails. Plus no matter what kind of paint it is it doesn't taste pleasant either way.

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Daydreamer Offline
Regular TeenHelper
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Name: Megan
Age: 28
Gender: Female

Posts: 410
Join Date: November 9th 2009

Re: nails, ughhh. - April 21st 2010, 04:24 AM

I bite my nails like CRAZY. I feel like things are always in my mouth. I stopped for a while and what helped was, trimming my nails daily and keeping them painted with that horrible tasting stuff. But then I started college and got back into it because of nerves. Hope this helps!
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KoKoEm Offline
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Junior TeenHelper
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Name: Emily
Gender: Female
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Re: nails, ughhh. - April 22nd 2010, 12:51 AM

Oh, I chew my nails like crazy, then ruin the skin around my nails as well because I tend to grasp onto other people's bad habits. Yay, best friend who messes with the skin around his nails. For a while, we promised each other we wouldn't do it so long as the other didn't. That went real well until last week, which was extremely stressful and we both just broke it. I might try going back to it though. Also, I can't mess with my nails if I have nail polish on. I just can't do it. Then I end up scraping the nail polish off so that I can mess with my nails...
So my suggestions for stopping. Try painting your nails and also, if one of your friends has similar problems, make a promise to not mess with yours if they don't do theirs. I hope that makes sense... I'm on antibiotics and kinda out of it due to that.

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PM me =]

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Stacey Offline
BrokenInsanity circa 2004
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Name: Stacey
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Re: nails, ughhh. - April 22nd 2010, 03:29 PM

One of my best friends had the worst habit of biting her nails down really short until they were bleeding and sore. With her I made her try keeping her nails painted, getting a manicure and that nail polish that makes your nails taste disgusting and nothing worked. A few years ago I was doing research on nail biting for my psychology class and came across an article. It said to find something you really really really hate the taste of, like raw onions or garlic, something like that and rub your nails with it. We tried this with my friend and dipping her fingers in pickle juice, a few minutes later she "subconsiously" went to bite her nails, got a taste of pickle juice and felt so sick and disgusted that she pretty much stopped cold turkey, with only a few small relapses where we had to re-dip her fingers in pickle juice. Good Luck!

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Rosiee Offline
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Name: Rosie
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Re: nails, ughhh. - April 26th 2010, 07:37 PM

I used to do it alot when i was younger...But I saw a girl with looovely nails, trimmed nicely and not too short but not too long.
I tryed loads of things to stop bitting them, But none of them worked!
For some reason i found it easier just telling myself that i wasn't going to bite them anymore...and they grow nicely but they start to crack? and just split.
Though I have really thin fingers so they look alot longer then they are
Sometimes i find it helps to cut them regularly, so when i go to bite there's nothing to bite but they are nice and smooth other then bumpy and bitten looking hehe
My mum used to use fake nails to let her real nails grow without her attacking them haha but the fake nails just got annoying and ment she couldn't play the guitar
The idea above sounds really good, and it's been researched so it must work It's like that man on TV(I only watched the programme once) who helps people loose weight by making them think they're eating their fav food(say chocolate) and then make them imagain putting something they really hate in the with chocolate, so they won't eat chocolate anymore because they're just going to taste the food they hate...He's a hyptnotist so he obvisouly knows what he's doing, but it's a smiliar idea!
Good luck on getting those nail nice

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nails, ughhh

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