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Ambedo. July 26th 2011 07:45 PM

Old Habits Die Hard .
I'm 17 years old. I realize that these things are illegal, but I don't care. Years ago, I started smoking, drinking, and doing drugs. 2 years ago, I started trying to quit. I'm doing better than I thought I would, but that doesn't mean I don't think about it constantly. I haven't had a drink in a year and a half. I haven't done any serious drugs in almost 2 years . . but that might also be because I have no money left to spend on those things. I haven't smoked pot since the beginning of June. I haven't smoked cigarettes in a long time . . I'm not entirely sure how long it's been. But cigarettes are what plague me. In October, I started getting to know some people in my family that I had never met before then. They smoke . . a lot. I always had to sit there and fight myself not to get back into it in front of them. I doubt they would have let me do it because it was illegal. But for the past couple months, I've been thinking about it nonstop. I've been smelling smoke, even when there's no one smoking around me. I've been having dreams about it. When I was in Vegas a couple days ago, I was surrounded by the delicious smell of cigarette smoke. I walked past a vending machine that sold cigarettes and it took all of my self-control not to give in and find a way to get into the casino and pay the $7 for a pack without getting caught by security. It's killing me. I want to fall back into this life, but at the same time, I don't. It's tormenting me and it's frustrating me.

Ambedo. July 26th 2011 07:51 PM

Re: Old Habits Die Hard .
Sorry everyone! I just realized I posted this in the wrong forum! I didn't realize this one wasn't for substance issues! D:

Coffee. August 2nd 2011 09:59 AM

Re: Old Habits Die Hard .
Hey, it's okay that you posted it in the wrong forum! If I was a forum mod, I would move it, but I'm not...so I can't. Hahaha. :) But it's really not a big deal.
Have you tried talking to a counselor or a group about these issues? Addiction is an issue that is much better if you talk about it. I would avoid situations that could trigger you, like going to Vegas, or even avoid being around people that drink and such because you don't need that influence. If you have friends that do these things, I'm not saying dump them as friends, but you might want to take a break.
:hug: PM me if you ever need!

Ambedo. August 4th 2011 05:01 AM

Re: Old Habits Die Hard .
I've talked about it with a couple people, but they don't really say anything that helps. The last person I talked to doesn't smoke or anything, but she told me that "it should be fine as long as I don't overdo it." Not helpful at all. It's getting even more ridiculous. I went out to eat at a fish restaurant and someone told me there was a sauce that tasted like beer. I went through a pack and a half just to get the taste.

As for avoiding it . . that's tough. I didn't necessarily want to go to Vegas. We were driving to Colorado and we stayed there for a night. I didn't have much of a choice. I can't necessarily cut people out of my life either. Some of the only family I get along with are heavy smokers. I don't want to lose that relationship because of a stupid temptation.

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