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broken_butterfly December 7th 2011 05:59 AM

My necklace....
I have this weird habit of constantly wearing a necklace with a cross...i have around 6 or 7 now and just bought a new one that says "amazing grace" on it. I guess I always just need that reminder there of Christianity you know like when things get bad i just look down at my necklace some say it's weird because i wear it day or night every time i leave the house but i think it's kinda like a symbolic hand to hold. :)

Solivagant December 7th 2011 09:04 AM

Re: My necklace....
I am mad about crosses too. Though I don't know why, I just am. I love too collect and wear jewellery which has a cross. Though not for spiritual reasons, I am not even Christian.
But like you I also love to wear the necklace with the God I believe in on it, for bad times. But I don't cuz I know I'll just loose it.

Eternal December 7th 2011 11:33 AM

Re: My necklace....
I don't think its weird at all, you're wearing it for a reason :)

escape_thereal_world December 7th 2011 02:05 PM

Re: My necklace....
I agree with Nicole.

I wore a cross necklace for about 3 years without EVER taking it off. It went through the shower and baths with me and sleeping, until one day it fell off :( so now it's in a safe spot so I don't lose it.

I wore it because it was given to me by my mom so she could "always be near". So, if there's a reason, I don't think it's weird!

craz33me December 7th 2011 03:34 PM

Re: My necklace....
It's not weird at all.
I have a necklace that's a cross,
I never take it off unless I have to for a ballgame.

Evanesco December 12th 2011 04:25 PM

Re: My necklace....
It's definitely not weird. A lot of people have a particular item that they are attached to. In your case it is your cross necklaces. It's nice that it reminds you of your religion.

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