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CrystalJade July 23rd 2016 08:05 AM

Psych wants to see me.
Edit: I'm sorry, I didn't realize I wrote a novel. I appreciate any reads or replies...

Hey... So my mom is trying to get my brother committed and at his psych app she told the psych about how abusive he was to my siblings and I and that's why we don't want to see him. My brother flipped it on her and told about how she was physically abusive to my siblings and I and made her look to be bad. Now the psych wants to talk with all of us and I'm willing to as long as it's not on my dime.
My mom was abusive, just not physically with me. She gets emotionally and verbally abusive around the time puberty hits for her kids. Which I think is because that's when her abuse started as a kid.

My brother on the other had has sexually abused me, had a friend sexually abuse me, and tried to get our dog involved as well. I was under the age of 7 when this happened. My memories of him are of him physically fighting my dad, physically and emotionally abusing me (choking me, jumping across tables, sexual, etc). He is about 9 years older than me. He used to take my pet hamster, put him in his running ball, and use him as a bowling ball. I've heard stories of him drowning pet rats and stabbing birds to death with their perches too. He has always been sick and isn't expected to live much longer. He also functions at about half his age, so they say.

My family doesn't speak about the sexual abuse he's done to me but when I lose it and start yelling about the abuse in general they get quiet and say I had it the worst and they understand why I'm angry. I've considered asking my sister about it because it just seems like a dream now but in Kindergarten I referenced his abuse and showed signs of it. I hate it but I blame my parents for choosing the sick one over me and not protecting me. He was sent away for about a week after I told. The only reason I told was because my sister walked in on it. They didn't get rid of him and I wasn't protected from any of the abuse, it was just kind of brushed under the rug.

Now he has a daughter and his stupid girlfriend has gone around saying he sexually abused her. The girlfriend has shaken the child and physically abused her, she also lies like no other, but because of my past I don't doubt it happened... My parents still let them see that child too. It causes me anxiety and throws me back to when I was hurt as a kid. She should not have to be around her abusers, even if she doesn't remember it because we do.

Back to the point though... The psych wants to meet with me but I'm afraid to tell him everything because I don't want him to say anything about what I tell him to anyone. I want him to know what kind of sick S.O.B he's dealing with though so he stops taking my brother's side. But I'm so scared... And I refuse to do a family session and I refuse to be around my brother. I won't even talk about him with my parents anymore. To me he's dead but the pain isn't. I hate that I feel so angry with my parents too. I love my dad and I don't want this feeling to be what controls me with him or the feelings with him at all. We never know when our last days are and I don't want mine to be filled with anger.

I don't know what to do. Would the psych tell them what I said if I told him it had to remain confidential between us as a victim and Doctor? I'm frightened. What happened to me as a child has made it so I can't make friends easily and I'm so awkward. I've had eating disorders and I used to cut myself, I've never liked myself and still don't, I can't see any beauty when I look at myself. I think it all stems from the abuse I was subject to.

Kate* July 23rd 2016 08:48 AM

Re: Psych wants to see me.
Okay, I skimmed it. No, a professional can't tell anyone what you tell them without your written permission unless you are an imminent danger to yourself or others. You don't have to do anything you don't want to do. I understand why you're scared and I hope you can work through enough of it to tell the doctor what he needs to know. I'm sorry you've been through so much. Good luck

.:Bibliophile:. July 23rd 2016 02:24 PM

Re: Psych wants to see me.
Hey there,

The doctor will not tell anyone about what occurred. The most he will do is report that your brother has been sexually abusive in the past but only if he has access to children. And, half the time the people that it gets reported to don't do anything. But, in general, the doctor will not tell anyone about what you have said.

I think that telling the doctor about this could be a good idea though. It will give the doctor some insight into what your brother is really like. Also, I think talking about this could be healing for you. You'll be able to tell someone who will, hopefully, have compassion for you and maybe they can suggest a therapist for you to see.

I am wishing you the best.

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