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HarborDosen May 10th 2014 12:09 PM

PTSD like initial shock
I literally had the luckiest, luckiest thing ever happen to me that could have ended in the worst way possible. Let's just say I was "scared straight" I have a new found appreciation for life. I have made a commitment to myself to improve myself from now on as well as never, EVER fucking repeat the situation of tonight because of how fucking lucky I was.
However, I am suffering minor PTSD from the entire incident. I say minor because I believe that it is momentary, but I am anxious for the great shame I will feel and recovering from that, although I know that it is not true PTSD because I am 99.9% sure I can pull myself out of it with some proper calming down, rest, etc.
Please help me out. I am sort of freaking out still.
I would rather not recount details - it is still very fresh and I need wounds to heal first. Let's just say it was a near death experience (almost car accident) that turned into another event (scared from almost dying, stopped by cops not 2 minutes later because the guy I almost hit pulled them over, almost lost it).
I am so lucky, and so blessed, and honestly so changed but I need coping mechanisms to get over the initial shocks and replaying of the "what ifs".

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