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bringmethehorizon♥ December 22nd 2015 07:32 PM

My emotions are building up inside of me and I can't cope
I can't really cry as I don't cry for some strange reason haha. Everything builds up inside of my little body and I feel crying would really help me. Do you have any suggestions as to what I could do to help this? Why can't I cry do you have any suggestions or alternatives I could use?


Notsure December 22nd 2015 08:36 PM

Re: My emotions are building up inside of me and I can't cope
I was literally about to make the same topic. I cant cry either and im not sure why. I want to cry but i cant. :(

lm. December 22nd 2015 08:43 PM

Re: My emotions are building up inside of me and I can't cope
Crying isn't for everyone. If you can cry, it's a good way to release all of the emotion building up inside of you. Since you have trouble crying, there are other ways of releasing emotion that you can try.

It also might be helpful to know what kinds of emotions you're dealing with so you can tailor your alternatives to what you're dealing with.
In General, here are some ideas that can help when dealing with emotions- exercising (running, walking, jumping rope, etc), music (listening, singing, playing instruments), art (drawing, scribbling, etc), writing (journaling, poems, song lyrics), talking to someone about what you're feeling
For anger you could try throwing something soft against a wall, such as a sock or small washcloth. Exercise could also be helpful- things like throwing or kicking a ball, running as fast as you can, or hitting a punching bag
I hope this helped a little.

The Sloth December 23rd 2015 01:22 PM

Re: My emotions are building up inside of me and I can't cope
Hey I don't know if this will help, but I couldn't cry until recently either. It wasn't until I was completely wrecked by everything happening around me and I became exhausted trying to hold it all together, that I managed to cry. And it definitely helped release the stress.

That said, I definitely don't think crying is the only way to deal with emotions and I don't think you need to worry too much about not being able to cry. Everyone deals with things differently and just because you don't cry doesn't mean that is a 'problem' that necessarily needs a solution. However, if that's not how you release emotions, it's good to experiment to find a way that helps you in tough situations.

To build on the alternatives already suggested, I've found screaming into a pillow helps, as does finding creative ways to explore or express how you feel.

I hope that helped

DeletedAccount2 December 23rd 2015 04:23 PM

Re: My emotions are building up inside of me and I can't cope
Hey I am the same way. I haven't cried in so long and don't know why. I'm not sure if I can help at all as I've been struggling with the same thing, but I'll try.

Crying is a way that some people use to express themselves. It makes some people happier when they can let out emotions in tears. But I think it's okay if you don't cry, but it might help if you have some healthy way to express yourself. That way you won't hold anything back and you won't be afraid of letting it out. It would just be let out in something else instead of tears.

I like to write about my feelings as a good way to express myself. But what ever sounds good to you should work. I'm not exactly sure what your question is other than advice. But I'm trying my best to help.

I just wanted to let you know that you're not alone and I have the same issues. I believe that some people don't cry because they're afraid but I certainly know that a lot of others aren't afraid but they just can't. I think it also had to do with the individual and the ways that they can cope with a difficult situation.

I think that I don't cry because I never feel like I need to since I have music and writing etc. to use instead. As long as you have some healthy way to self express, I think it's okay not to cry.

Just make sure you don't hold back any emotions that need to be let out. That's like trying to stop a flood from crashing into someone's yard when all you have is wood to use as a weapon (Sorry, I really like to use simile, if you haven't noticed).

I hope this helped you out a little or a lot. I really tried to see what I can do for you!

If you ever want to talk, you can pm me and I'd be happy to help. Just ask. Hope you have a great day/night. See you around. :hug:

Philomath December 23rd 2015 06:03 PM

Re: My emotions are building up inside of me and I can't cope

None of you are alone with this difficulty. Crying is a great way to release emotions however not everyone is in a place where they can cry.
I used to have this problem but then my depression got really bad and I just started crying uncontrollably. I would force myself to not cry because I felt it was a sign of being to sensitive or to weak; I thought I just needed to grow up but in reality, I was seriously depressed and needed to get out those feelings and emotions. I had to confront all of the crap I have been through and it hurt so much that I ended up crying at times and I do not cry much now but I do sometimes when I need to/I just start crying because I am too overwhelmed.
It is very true that you can cope in other ways. I believe that you will cry eventually. When your body needs to cry you will cry, when your emotions are too all over the pace or you have no other outlet, crying will come.
I hope that helps somewhat. I am here for you if you need someone to talk to.
Take care.

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