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Marshki November 10th 2009 05:50 PM

What is safe?
sorry if this is in the wrong forum

ok i was at my psychiatrist and other people's clinic yesterday and they would keep mentioning "i want you to be safe" "i need to make sure you are safe"... BUT now i am wondering what is safe.
is it just being alive, to live healthly or what?

What are your vies of this?

Prozac November 10th 2009 06:11 PM

Re: What is safe?
Hey there,

Being safe is important and it's good that you've asked this question. If you're in any doubt at all that you may not be safe then it's important to talk to your psychiatrist or other professional as soon as you can. Generally speaking, being safe means that you're not going to cause any serious or life-threatening harm to yourself. If you have a suicide plan then you would not be considered 'safe'. I have suicidal ideation, but I'm still classed as safe enough to go home/my parents not to be informed, so I think that the actual plan is what helps a professional determine whether you are safe or not. I have been told that if I do talk about a plan or having means to carry out suicide, my parents would be contacted as my nurse would need to "make sure I'm safe". A risk assessment which is usually carried out during a session usually helps to determine this too. If you're unsure then please don't hesitate to contact someone such as your doctor or psychiatrist about the issue.

Take care.

Stormy Rainbow November 10th 2009 06:23 PM

Re: What is safe?
I think they mean that they want to make sure you can handle being alone with out self-harming or trying to commit suicide or any other forms of harm to yourself. They just care about your well being.

Kate* November 10th 2009 08:17 PM

Re: What is safe?
In this sense, being safe means that you won't hurt yourself in anyway. If you feel like you aren't safe or will hurt yourself you should tell someone.

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