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CatherineGR February 20th 2010 01:47 PM

Too scared to socialise?
Hello. I am pretty new, so excuse me if I am posting on the wrong place or something along those lines.

Recently I turned 13. And before that, my family had been advicing me about people who treat children inappropriately - the typical speeches about talking to strangers every parent gives - and as a result, I am now really scared to go outside. For instance, if my parents or my brother ask me to go to the shop to buy something, I refuse due to my fear. They accuse me of being lazy and sometimes force me to go, because if I don't they say they will never do any favors for me. Also, I am too scared to even go in my yard, because it has a view of a street, and cars drive by and I am afraid. I know I might sound silly, but that's how I feel. I haven't managed to solve my issue, and I have ended up being afraid of talking to anyone outside. I always ask for a friend to accompany me wherever I go, even to the corner shop. I think it has gone off limits, and I need to find a way to overcome my fears. I am constantly scared that somebody is going to abduct me or abuse me if I go outside.

Any advice will be appreciated. :(

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