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darkinnocenteyes April 16th 2010 04:42 AM

Zombies/Parnormal Stuff
Okay, so I was diagnosed with ocd a while ago... also had depression for a long time.

And I have been having irrational fears of being attacked by zombies and demons... im just really jumpy all the time. I am mostly afraid when I am out in the open at night... like getting in and out of cars. For instance, I go home from my boyfriends house every evening. I don't really tell him how nervous I am. I just stay close to him incase something attacks me... he goes around to the drivers side of his car and then i get real nervous cuz he's on the other side of the car, so I glance around making sure there is nothing there. The passenger door is broke too so he has to get in and reach over to open my door. Then I really afraid becasue he's all the way in the car, so I scramble to get in really fast and shut the door. Also when I get in I always check the back seat to make sure it is empty, and if the window is open I am very antsy until he closes it or we get moving. This is not normal is it? Most of my ocd is not actually compulsory, well not complusory in a way that anyone would notice it.

I know zombies don't even exist, but I am still afraid of them. Like I feel like there could be a zombie outbreak at any moment and the public won't be warned yet or whatever... I'm also afraid since i am small and not a very good fighter that I would be the first to go. I don't know this is just really bothering me. It's really scary to me although it sounds dumb. :'(

ceffyldwfr April 16th 2010 11:20 PM

Re: Zombies/Parnormal Stuff
I know you're really struggling with this and I wish I had the easy answer. I suppose you'll have to think yourself out of this. Look at it this way, if there were a zombie attack, the main characters always makes it to the end. You are the main character.

If you're not buying into that, look at the facts of life. After a person dies, the body begins rigor mortis. Therefore, it becomes too stiff to move. The mortician also pays great detail to ensuring that the body is properly embalmed. The coffin is nailed shut and put very far into the ground.

Nothing will attack you. But this is your battle, so to speak. You must be the one to convince yourself that these fears aren't reality. You can't let your mind trick you. You should be in power.

darkinnocenteyes April 18th 2010 02:23 AM

Re: Zombies/Parnormal Stuff
Yeah yeah I know... I'm not really afraid of the comming back to life zombies, I'm afraid of some sort of infection, like 28 days later.... or the crazies lol. This sounds really lame. HAHA... it's mostly because of all the medication that people are taking... and all the crap they put in our food. It probably doesn't help that my boyfriends favorite type of movies are zombie movies so I'm forced to watch them all the time and practically have a heart attack every night when I'm at home because of the slightest noise... it keeps me from sleeping. I have to sleep with the lights on and sound and I keep having to lift my head up and glance around the room every few minutes when the house shifts and makes that crack sound. Do you think I should maybe talk to my doctor about something that will ame me less paranoid till I can get this under control. I even have to pull the curtain back when I'm in the shower every few minutes cuz I need to know if there is something there, and at night I go from room to room turning the lights on and off all the way through the house(It looks rediculous I look like a little kid.) I've been doing this for a really long time, but recently it's gotten worse. And it's not just zombies... I'm afraid of anything being there that's scary. I'm just so on edge.

Algernon April 18th 2010 02:34 AM

Re: Zombies/Parnormal Stuff
Sounds like you need to play some Left 4 Dead 2. That way you can kill all those irrational fears! =D

I get all jumpy after ghost movies and things. Like A Haunting and shows like that. I just have to remind myself. "No one has ever gotten hurt because of a ghost." And then I compare myself to the rest of the world and think, "Now what are the chances that will happen to me, pretty much none. I'm pretty sure i'm okay."

It sounds funny, but that's what I do.

Gixxers rock April 19th 2010 04:56 AM

Re: Zombies/Parnormal Stuff

Originally Posted by Algernon (Post 368583)
Sounds like you need to play some Left 4 Dead 2. That way you can kill all those irrational fears! =D

Haha! That's exactly what I was thinking! Play some Fallout 3 and blow some heads off of ghouls! It's unorthodox but will probably work.:D

Ghost On The Highway April 19th 2010 05:44 AM

Re: Zombies/Parnormal Stuff
Whatever you do, don't watch the Exorcism of Emily Rose. I was saying the Lord's prayer at 3am every night for a good month afterwards :?

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