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bringmethehorizon♥ June 26th 2016 08:24 AM

Following an eating plan
Hi everyone
I'm slowly sorting my eating related problems and I'm trying to stick to s healthy diet. The thing is once I've eaten my brain is always thinking about food it will want it's next meal like an hour later. Example of this would be I will eat breakfast at 7am and I will want lunch at like 8 am for example. I refuse to eat lunch at that time how can I make my body get back use to eating at the correct times? Has anyone else found this recovering from eating troubles? Thanks everyone! :D

Coffee. July 3rd 2016 05:17 PM

Re: Following an eating plan
You have a similar thread which I answered, but I do want to say these symptoms sound like your meals are not big enough. I'd highly recommend adding an additional yogurt, piece of toast, or other food source into your breakfast (and other meals) and consider having snacks between your meals as well if you are still hungry. Hunger is a natural body cue telling that you need to eat-be mindful of that!

JazzyJazz July 4th 2016 09:38 AM

Re: Following an eating plan
Hey Justin. :)

I agree with Traci. If you are hungry an hour after eating, the original meal wasn't calorific enough.

You might be thinking, "But I felt full after the meal and couldn't have eaten anything else." If that is the case, then eat something else an hour later. Have two mini breakfasts instead of a single larger one.

As I mentioned to you in our PM conversation, I think it's important for you to listen to your body. If you are hungry, eat. I would give this advice to anyone who is of a healthy weight, but it's something I want to emphasize to you because you are trying to gain weight.


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