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nonym94 May 19th 2012 03:42 AM

stretch marks
Was on another forum, wrong one. Reposted here.

I got stretch marks during a period of depression in my mid teens, during which I gained weight pretty fast. I'm losing weight now, but I still have a spiderweb of stretch marks all over my butt and hips, and several stretching up my hips as well as my breasts.

My questions are tandem. Will they ever fade? I'm using cocoa butter, but even if the color fades, I've noticed that my skin is still rippled. My second question is will men be able to look past that? For this question I want real answers.

i_like_black May 19th 2012 04:06 AM

Re: stretch marks
Most stretch marks will fade to roughly the same shade as your skin over time. I don't know how long it takes, but I know that the ones I got on my hips when I was growing weren't really noticeable by the time I was 18.

Things like Bio-Oil or vitamin E cream are often recommended to help speed up the process but as you're using cocoa butter (which probably has the same effect, I'm not sure) I wouldn't worry too much about getting them.

I think the change in texture also decreases with time, like it may remain, but less obviously so. :)

Will men be able to see past it? YES.
Pretty much all women have stretch marks somewhere although they vary in how visible they are. Most women have stretch marks near their hips, but thighs, breasts, stomachs, buttocks, and upper-arms are other areas where stretch marks are common. Because they're so common, and because they often have faded by the time you're naked with someone, guys don't really care.

And if a guy does care about something so minor, then clearly he's a superficial jerk, right? :p

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