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lauren_160 May 7th 2011 12:46 PM

Do i have a drink problem..?
I guess this fits in here more than any other forum. I used to self harm for 5 years, i've been cut free for 2 years, and for a little while i was really happy, then as soon as i turned 18 i started drinking excessively and sleeping around to combat my feelings, like i think i just liked feeling wanted, even if it was just for a drunken fumble, then i got with my now ex boyfriend and we were together a year, and things we really good, we split up 3 weeks yesterday, and instead of self harming, i seem to be completely dependant on alcohol. i mean i did drink a lot before, and since stopping self harming, i have always turnt to alcohol, but literally the last 3 weeks i've been hammered, i've been taking coke and speed, like literally doing anything to make myself feel numb and forget aobut everything, it's really silly but looking back i think i've always done it and i've always had to have something to help me. I'm just not sure of the line where it becomes a problem, all i seem to think about is my next drink. It's not like one or two drinks, it's literally like a bottle of spirits, and drinking to the point where i have no idea what im doing, i end up having casual sex, come home covered in cuts and bruises. or til i'm sick and pass out.

So yeah my question is, at what point is it too much and considered a problem?

Harmony♥ May 9th 2011 01:58 AM

Re: Do i have a drink problem..?
I think your at the point where it's becoming a problem/is a problem.

Not only are you turning to alcohol, but your also doing drugs. A combination of the two is a deadly ingestion, and can often lead to over doses, and death.

I would suggest going to an anoynmous meetings for alcoholics, if they offer those to people there in the UK. Being able to drink an entire bottle of alcohol isn't a good thing, and getting to the point where your having casual sex can often be dangerous. You said yourself, you can get to the point where you don't know what your doing: casual sex can often lead to unplanned pregnancies, and STD's, if the proper precautions aren't taken.

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