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newbie552 May 25th 2009 02:27 AM

she keeps doing this :(
ok, there's this one "friend of mine" who I'm really getting sick of. I havn't talked to her in a while but she cam over last night w/ another friend and brought stuff up again like she always does.

It seems like everytime we talk she says something along the lines of "nobody likes you, the only reason they talk to is cause of me" and she always brings it up. I know that most of what she says it fake, but she says it alot. For exapmle, there's this one girl i know and started talking to this year. We got in two classes this semester w/ each other and we started talking and all that. Then this "friend" started saying stuff like "she's just using you for marks, she only talks to you cause she knows you" and i KNOW that this person doesn't think that. There was alot of stuff that happend last year that really hurts me and i'm really trying to move on from it but she keeps bringing it up even though she knows that it hurts

and most of convos end up w/ her talking about how her life sucks or how someone else is acting really mean or some crap like that

i really want her to stop talking like that. But i know that if i confront her about it, she's going to start telling people that i harassed her and started b****ing her for no reason

nfreema9 May 25th 2009 01:44 PM

Re: she keeps doing this :(
stop caring what other people think, it's what you think of yourself that really matters, and you need to stand up for who you are, you will find other friends who will be good to you if you stand up for the person you are. (i.e. tell her that she is hurting your feelings, and that if she doesn't want to be nice she should just leave).

and good luck : ) I know that it's hard to confront people, but once you do it you will feel so much better.

Volcots May 25th 2009 03:13 PM

Re: she keeps doing this :(
I personally would slap her next time she comes over like this! How dare she!

If you know she's talking nonsense, don't listen to her, it hurts you to listen to her, so just ignore her, and tell her you know she's wrong
If she does start saying you harassed her and stuff, tell the others what she's doing.
Maybe even tell some people now, tell that girl you were talking about, tell her what the sl*t said, and people are going to realise what she's doing.
Is she only doing that to you? or are there other people?
If there are other victims, chances are they'll join you in your "fight" (not physical fight, we know it wouldn't help, but you know what I mean)
If you are the only one she's doing this to, then she's got issues! You could go ask her what her problem is?

Anyway, whatever happens, just remember you are worth far too much to be brought down by such an arrogant person (I don't want to get vulgar there :P)
She has no right to feel superior by bringing people down, it means she's got no other means of getting attention and/or feeling better, and that really is sad! She doesn't deserve it!

Good luck with everything :)

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