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LadyLeila July 19th 2010 06:58 AM

I got my belly button pierced, but dad has yet to find out...
How should I tell him? He won't be very mad, he may be a little upset, but I won't be in any large amount of trouble. My mom already knows, she is fine with it (she has hers done, too), she just doesn't want my dad to be upset with her for not telling him now that she knows; she wants me to tell him. I have a valid argument because my older sister got hers done with his permission when she was 15 (I am 16). The only reason he would have to be upset is that I had to use my sibling's license to get it done, because as mentioned before, I'm only 16 and my mom wasn't with me. The place was clean, well kept, and all of the piercing tools were new and clean; I made sure everything was safe and sanitary.

*I had asked my parents about it before and they never would give me an answer. They would just dance around the subject; they never said no. I'm their quote on quote 'good kid' and my dad thinks a navel piercing would magically make me want to do bad things, so that's why he wouldn't say yes right away, but he did already dig his own grave with this by letting my older sister get hers done at 15, so he couldn't say no.

So how should I let him know? I'd rather not keep it a secret for too long, because it'll just bug me. I also have to coordinate with my sister, because she had a part in this too.

Katrina July 19th 2010 04:47 PM

Re: I got my belly button pierced, but dad has yet to find out...
Hey Alexa! :bye:

I agree - I definitely think you should tell him sooner rather than later (AND that it should come from you). I mean, obviously you don't have to, but the longer you wait, the more likely the conversation is going to be something like "well, why didn't you tell me sooner?" and you don't want to fuel that fire!

If you're the good kid, clearly you've been pretty trustworthy in the past. Because of this, I almost think you should just go and tell him straight up - no beating around the bush, no saving the conversation for later - just go and get it done with. Make it clear to your dad that you know how to take care of your piercing and make sure it won't get infected, and let him know that you acknowledge that you probably should've asked his permission before-hand and that you'll be sure to do that next time (if you will, of course...don't lie!).

I hope things turn out for you.

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