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Closed Thread
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cleostar09 Offline
Welcome me, I'm new!
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Name: *Annastesia*
Gender: Female

Posts: 49
Join Date: January 6th 2009

Smile Tell us about your mom - August 2nd 2010, 05:20 PM

Tell us what kind of a parent your mom is.

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HopelessVictim Offline
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Name: April J.
Age: 24
Gender: Female
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Re: Tell us about your mom - August 2nd 2010, 06:31 PM

Eh, my mom's alright. She's not very fun to be around when she's drunk and she yells at me for no reason when she is. And when she's sober she gets really protective of me, not even letting me walk around the block on my own. No, she has to go with me and she also has to hold my hand and humiliate me, making me feel like a mentally handicapped person who can't cross the street on her own without mommy's help.

I also can't go to her for help, because she is so clueless and doesn't know how to give good, motherly advice. I recently asked her what I should do to get rid of my depression because I had no idea and all she did was shrug her shoulders and say that she had no clue either. I don't think she realises just how serious my problems are being as she is an optimist to the point of being ignorant. She thinks things like depression and suicide thoughts do not exist, therefore she thinks I am perfect and that I have no problems.

And speaking of perfect, my mom also wants me to be the exact same person as her. She wants me to do "motherly duties" as she likes to call them, which is basically washing dishes, doing the laundry, making the beds, dusting, vaccuming and of course, submitting unto the husband as her precious Bible says (which that basically means to do whatever your husband says for you to do because he is appearantley the boss and you appearantly don't deserve to make your own choices.) She wants me to be a good little submissive Christian girl, which that makes telling her that I am a Pagan even harder because of what the Bible says about witches and witchcraft. No, I still haven't told her about MY religion and no, I am not telling her until I'm 18 because I would much rather practice my religion behind her back than to tell her and be forced into Christianity until I'm old enough to finally get the hell away from her.

The Day I First Cut Myself...

Last edited by HopelessVictim; August 2nd 2010 at 06:42 PM.
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PSY Offline
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Name: Robin
Age: 31
Gender: Female
Location: Southern California

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Join Date: June 12th 2009

Re: Tell us about your mom - August 2nd 2010, 06:43 PM

My mom's parenting style would be classified as "authoritarian"... aka, the controlling, no room for negotiating style. Conversations typically went like this:

(Age 13)
Me: Hey Mom, a friend invited me to their birthday party on Saturday. Can I go?
Mom: Who is this friend?
Me: It's Whitney, she's in Celtic Music Club, and we hang out every day for lunch.
Mom: Where does she live?
Me: (same town as ours, about 10 minutes by car)
Mom: Is her mom going to pick you up?
Me: No, she'll be getting ready for the party.
Mom: Well, I can't take you, I have too many things to do around the house.
Me: But it's only 10 minutes!
Mom: I SAID I CAN'T TAKE YOU. DON'T TALK BACK TO ME! You know what? You can't go, because you have things to do around the house, too! NO COMPUTER TONIGHT!

(Age 17)
Me: Mom, I need to apply for financial aid soon. The priority deadline is in two months. I need your financial information, since I'm a dependent. Can we work on the application this weekend?
Mom: I have too many things to do around the house. Can't you ask your father?
Me: No, because I live with you.
Mom: Well, put down whatever numbers seem right to you.
Me: That would be fraud. Mom, do you have your W-2 form? I could probably figure it out myself if you just gave me the forms.
Mom: No, you can't see those.
Me: But I'm going to see the numbers when we fill out the application together.
Mom: I'll fill it out myself.
Me: The website won't let you do that.

(Age 21)
Me: (to boyfriend) Your glasses are missing? Okay, where did you last see them? I'll help you look.
Mom: (to boyfriend) Did you leave them at the museum?
Me: No, Mom, he can't see without his glasses. They're probably in the bedroom, he took a nap in there.
Mom: (to boyfriend) Did you leave them in the bathroom?
Me: Mom, we've got this.

Okay, she's a little crazy, too. =/ But I'm not going to bother diagnosing my own mom.

On a good day, we'll talk on the phone for up to an hour. Or rather, SHE'LL talk on the phone for up to an hour. She loves to talk about what's going on in her life, but doesn't really listen to what I'm saying in return. I think she may be jealous (she has to work, but wants to go to college full-time... even though she already has a bachelor's degree and is 55)... or maybe she feels guilty for not having set aside money for me (she received $800/month in child support - that DOESN'T count alimony - and none of that money went toward my college fund)... or maybe she simply doesn't care about anyone, save for herself. I can only tolerate her for so long. Things HAVE gotten better since I moved away three years ago, but I think ANY bad relationship would get better if you didn't have as much contact (less arguing/fighting). =/

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cleostar09 Offline
Welcome me, I'm new!
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Name: *Annastesia*
Gender: Female

Posts: 49
Join Date: January 6th 2009

Re: Tell us about your mom - August 3rd 2010, 04:49 AM

Wow... I'm so glad there are families out there that are similar to mine. While I love my mom, there are parenting techniques I ABSOLUTELY don't agree with. She feels the need to yell at my sibs, she favors certain kids, emotionally abuses the others, spoils my lil brother, complains like nobody's business and doesn't discipline very well. I feel like it's miracle that I turned out pretty good cuz their parenting skills aren't the greatest.

Servatis a periculum...
Servatis a maleficum...
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Geb12596 Offline
Not a n00b
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Name: Grace
Gender: Female
Location: Ma

Posts: 64
Join Date: July 11th 2010

Re: Tell us about your mom - August 3rd 2010, 05:14 AM

So my mom.... i kind of can't stand her... at all.
She has this idea that she's a teenager and is my friend?? which annoys the hell out of me. but at the same time she is over protective and won't let me do anything or see anyone or leave the house.... needless to say i spend most of my time in my room... My grandma says its because all my brothers have moved out. Especially the oldest who is her little "GOD" and "has never done a bad thing in his life" (cause he defiantly wasn't on drugs when he kept putting the soap in the fridge) she also says the over protective thing and this is my mom's explanation: is because my first boyfriend was really messed up and took advantage of me and emotionally abused me but my mom didn't know and loved him and after we broke up she found out and felt horrible because she didn't protect me from him. Also she'll complain to my friends about my dad because he'll have a hissy fit in front of everyone and she'll turn to my friend and be like " i really can't stand him" and she'll talk about divorcing him and leaving everyone behind and running away and never coming back... which is great cause i'm only a freshman in high school...
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KiwiGal Offline
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Name: Beka
Gender: Female
Location: Australia

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Re: Tell us about your mom - August 3rd 2010, 05:21 AM

well im gonna go in the opisite direction. i love my mum so much, she isnt really a mum half the time more like a good friend. we get along fine (most the time). sure she is a lil strick and stressed at times but she is the good parent i love her loads

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cleostar09 Offline
Welcome me, I'm new!
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Name: *Annastesia*
Gender: Female

Posts: 49
Join Date: January 6th 2009

Re: Tell us about your mom - August 3rd 2010, 05:42 AM

Originally Posted by kiwi_fish_bunny View Post
well im gonna go in the opisite direction. i love my mum so much, she isnt really a mum half the time more like a good friend. we get along fine (most the time). sure she is a lil strick and stressed at times but she is the good parent i love her loads

I'm glad you and your mom get along (most of the time). I love to hear about wonderful parents! It makes me remember that while mine are flawed, I still love them.

Servatis a periculum...
Servatis a maleficum...
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MadPoet Offline
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Name: Amanda.
Age: 25
Gender: Female.
Location: Michigan.

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Re: Tell us about your mom - August 3rd 2010, 06:01 AM

My mom isn't perfect, and there's a lot of things she could do differently. But I give her a lot of credit because I think I would go insane if I had to deal with me all of the time. She's been here through my depression and even though I can be a huge jerk sometimes she still loves me. That's what I've always been taught what family is: people who will always love you, even though you are all imperfect. I love her through her imperfections, and she loves me through mine. I think that's what family is all about.

A lonely soul in a land of broken hearts

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Brandon Offline
I can't get enough
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Name: Brandon
Age: 30
Gender: Male

Posts: 2,542
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Re: Tell us about your mom - August 3rd 2010, 06:51 AM

My mom is a mixture of all kinds of parenting. There's really no one-word that could describe her. I mean, my mom cared too much for my sister and I. My mom grew up without having all the things that she wanted, and she wanted us to have that experience. She bought us all kinds of things: go-karts, weight machines, pets, laptops, trampolines, anything that we'd ask for we'd most likely get. We were the family that had everything compared to other neighbors. But my mom, in no way, had enough money to buy all these things. She was always in debt, and had afternoon tutor sessions at the public library for the students who needed extra help. My sister says that she wasn't passive at all, but I disagree. If she had a boyfriend, she'd ask us if he could spin the night. She smoke plenty of cigarettes, and spent a majority of her night down in the basement smoking a cigarette and drinking a can of Bud light while grading school papers. She never really bought her clothes except for her teaching job. Most of her clothes consisted of holes, weren't quite her size, and needed replacing. She always cooked my sister and I good food, but she wouldn't eat any of it and just say that she's going to eat a can of beans or something. But she was always tired whenever she got home. Spent a lot of her time taking long naps. My dad said that she's attempted suicide several times. After her brother died, things kind of went down the hill for her cause a lot of things have been going on. She had to deal with a psychotic boyfriend who stole her car, ran over her mailbox, and put advertisements in people's mailboxes saying that my mom was a slut and if you were looking for a good time you could call that number. Such and such. Eventually, her drinking started getting worse and she became more aggressive. Unfortunately, I ended up calling the cops on her because she was freaking me out. Throwing up on the floor, spilling food on the floor, yelling at me, and banging on the door while I had my door locked. After I called the cops on her, fast forward, she kicked me out. My sister still lives with her, but I'm not really sure how she's doing now. But she's taken up alcohol, stopped smoking cigarettes, and working out. I guess she's taking initiative in her life again. My sister and her still have arguments, but I don't think it's ever really serious. My mom is the type of person who cries over everything and thinks that the world is out to get her. My mom did ground us, but it was never really a long time. Not much of a punishment. I'd say she was more passive than authoritative. Maybe a little bit assertive, but not really.
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thebigmole Offline
I've been here a while
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Name: Taylor
Age: 31
Gender: Female
Location: Orlando, Fl

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Re: Tell us about your mom - August 3rd 2010, 10:25 PM

My mother is pretty funny. Usually if she yells at me she either turn it into a joke, or apologize later, even if I deserve it. There are sometimes when I feel she thinks of me as more of a sister than a daughter, but it's not too often. She's always been strict with me, both my parents are. But since I turned 18 I've pretty much been able to do what I want, a lot of the rules went away.

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Name: Annie
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Re: Tell us about your mom - August 14th 2010, 05:51 AM

She had a hard life with child abuse and my dad dying when I was four. I still hate her and will never talk to her face to face when I move out. She does not know I hage her.
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ruki Offline
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Name: Jodie
Age: 26
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Re: Tell us about your mom - August 14th 2010, 06:34 AM

my mom..is abusive. i love her...but i can mot wait to get away from her. she screames at us, hits us, tells my dad she;ll leave, ect, ect. it sucks.
cant wait to be 18, 4 years to go!!
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Magical Forest. Offline
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Name: Hannah
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Re: Tell us about your mom - August 14th 2010, 09:08 AM

My mum is amazing! I feel so sorry for her for me being so ill for 6 years, but she's always stuck by me, even if she can't understand what's going on.
I can talk to her about pretty much anything, and the same for her. We have evenings that we sit and chat for ages.
She's always trying to encourage me and my 18th birthday was absolutely amazing, she organised everything.
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Daydreamer Offline
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Name: Megan
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Re: Tell us about your mom - August 15th 2010, 11:26 PM

My mom suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder. So our relationship is really hard.

She alternates between periods where she'll call everyday and talk for an hour, and going a month without any contact, even going so far as ignoring my calls. She's tried to commit suicide several times, and sees me as the reason for most of her problems in life. She alternates between criticizing me for everything and telling me how wonderful and special I am. It's all a part of her disorder, and it only makes it worse that we lost my sister when she was only six months old.

My mom has had a really rough life, and it shows in the way she interacts with me, and for a long time I hated her for the way she treated me, and sometimes I still do, but I remind myself that she is sick, and that I'm her daughter, and although she may not always act in the way a loving mother should, she loves me and I love her. I don't live with her, and haven't for almost nine years now, and I think that's what is best for both of us.

My step mom however has been like a second mother to me for most of my life. She is like a best friend and she is always there for me. She always explained why when she said no, and we talked about everything. She was very supportive of me and always a source of stability in my life after I moved in with her and my father. I'm so grateful to have her in my life

Sorry that was like an essay though haha

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LlamaLlamaDuck Offline
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Name: Louise
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Re: Tell us about your mom - August 21st 2010, 06:50 PM

My mum is pretty amazing.
Sometimes she annoys me because she'll go on and on and on at me to do something which I guess is my own fault. She also yells at me to eat because she doesn't believe I eat when I'm home alone. And she allows my dad to search through my room when I'm out.
Up until maybe January/February things weren't fantastic between us, we didn't talk much. I showed her my hand when I semi-accidentally scratched it until it bled and she shouted 'If I EVER catch you doing something like that on purpose you are in BIG trouble! Antiseptic cream will fix it '
Since the big fight in my family though things have been MUCH better. We talk now!
Like we sit and have conversations! Voluntarily!
When she's going to bed at night she'll shout through my door that she's going to bed, then wait outside for me with her arms open waiting for a hug. She's so much more aware of me, I think. If that makes sense. And she definitely listens a lot more.
I love my mummy. xD

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Name: Rachel
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Re: Tell us about your mom - August 21st 2010, 07:24 PM

I love my mum. I don't think anyone knows me better. She's been a massive part of me getting where I am -- couldn't have done it without her. I wouldn't be without her and I'm going to miss her to bits when I move!

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Fucking Done Offline
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Re: Tell us about your mom - August 21st 2010, 08:13 PM

My Mom is great. She always thinks about her kids first, we have to force her to buy clothes for herself and new shoes with her own money. She ALWAYS cooks supper for us, laundry, takes care of the pets, dishes, works full time and then some.
When I was younger I didn't really appreciate it as much as I do now that i'm a little older. Wish she would think more about herself but I highly doubt that will happen she puts almost everybody before herself.
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Hollifire Offline
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Name: Holly
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Re: Tell us about your mom - August 21st 2010, 08:37 PM

I don't even know where to start with my Mom. She's probably one of the most selfless people that I know. She puts everyone else before her always, and wants the best for everyone around her. Even when she gets money for her birthday, or even for Christmas, she finds ways to spend it on family or friends before herself. I guess that's where I get my selflessness from. My brother and I always got whatever we needed, and we may have taken her for granted when we were younger, but I know I definitely don't anymore. She's a phenomenal woman, and I'm extremely lucky she's my Mother. <3


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Ellie Offline
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Re: Tell us about your mom - August 21st 2010, 10:43 PM

In a word my mum is mint. She does my head in from time to time and I'm pretty much certain that I do hers in as well We argue, we talk, we laugh, we have fun, we get annoyed with each other but at the end of the day I love her and I know she loves me. She doesn't always understand but she doesn't stop trying. CHEESE but true -shrug-
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Arie. Offline
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Re: Tell us about your mom - August 22nd 2010, 01:17 AM

I love my mom dearly. We don't have the tight bond relationship that I have with my mom but I really can talk to my mom just about anything, and she's very supportive and I have so much respect for her and everything she has done to provide for her family and I know she only wants the best the best interest for me. I honestly would not know where I would be at and don't know what I would do without her. She's basically my everything. Of course, every now and then we get into arguments but we've managed to get pass through that and like I've mentioned, she's my everything. Love and respect your parents

I hope you have the strength to start all over again.- F.Scott Fitzgerald
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Lu82 Offline
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Re: Tell us about your mom - August 22nd 2010, 03:36 AM

My mother is the best mother in the world she's been through a lot suffered from depression and she burned herself 15 yrs ago, i love her not only because she is my mother but also because she's been there for me all the time and i love her love for life too. And she is my twin soul we are so alike its not even funny.

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Algernon Offline
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Name: Holly
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Re: Tell us about your mom - August 22nd 2010, 03:44 AM

My mom is an ex-addict and a Christian woman. She has God in her life but has lots of things she needs to improve on. She can be the sweetest person, but the most hateful b as well. I moved out the night of my 18th and It's best that I don't live there anymore. I visit very often though. She let me have freedom most of the time, but for the big things I wanted in my life, she's always dangled them above me and made me jump through her hoops to get what I wanted. I forgive her for some things, but there are a few things that I will never forget and still really effects me.

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Re: Tell us about your mom - August 22nd 2010, 04:11 AM

I love my mother quite a lot. Like all people, we sometimes have disputes over things but they're resolved that day. It's rare that they're not resolved within several hours actually because my mother is usually pretty forgiving. There have been a few times when we didn't get along due to certain things happening and that lasted maybe a week at most. So she's a great mother and we have a strong relationship. The biggest dispute we ever have is whenever there's an issue of something in the news or something someone has done that involves violence because she is always on the side that violence is awful (agreed) but she goes to never wanting to discuss it.

She's very supportive of myself and some other family, even I want to do something she doesn't know how to support, she'll try, even if it means going out of her way to learn about it. This is one of the reasons I love her.

She tries to stand for what she believes even when others are against her. She's actually open to debating about things such as religion, which I like. She likes to have some control of situations but not to a point where everything has to go her way. Exception is for her work because she's the head of the area and of her team, and has to coordinate with other divisions. But even in her team, she lets everyone discuss their views then she gives hers, then she figures out what the plans should be. Outside of work, she is very reasonable also but we've had neighbours, gym trainers & gym managers, etc... who gave her a hard time and she's a person who avoids confrontations. However, she isn't someone who is completely submissive, she'll stand for what she believes nevertheless. When issues did arise at gyms or with other people, confrontations are something she avoids and she falls back on family, which in our family, we don't let her fall.

During my childhood, she often wasn't around much because her job, although very well-paying, involved her traveling around the world (company paid expenses so she could get gifts and such and company pays). Usually it was for about 1 week but many times she'd come back, stay for a day or two then leave for 2 weeks. She's no longer doing this and still has a well-paying job but most neighbours actually don't know who she even is whenever we have a street party despite us living at the same house for over 15 years. This isn't to say she's not sociable because she is quite sociable.
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..... Offline
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Re: Tell us about your mom - August 22nd 2010, 04:46 AM

My mom was exactly like to Robin's (PSY). Enough said.
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facade Offline
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Re: Tell us about your mom - August 22nd 2010, 05:10 AM

if i were to describe my mom... i would say she is hardworking.
my mom works late many nights because our family needs the money. then on the weekend, she's busy being a mom. doing her own laundry, hanging out with the rest of the family... she can be fun & playful but like many other moms... she's serious when she needs to be. im thankful for everything she does for us <3

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Twisted Offline
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Re: Tell us about your mom - August 22nd 2010, 01:57 PM

I love my mom, she works a lot and can be stressy at times but apart from that we get along fine. When she's stressed out its usually because of work so i just stay out of her way lol.
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Connie Offline
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Name: Connie
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Re: Tell us about your mom - August 22nd 2010, 03:35 PM

I am close to my mom and love her lots. She loves having a family and is the best peacekeeper ever.

She always takes care of us whe we are sick, makes us laugh if we are down, willing to discuss anything and given to random hug "attacks". She has a strong inner strength that i admire.

We do have our aruguments. She 99.9% of the time she backs up dad which leads more arguments, as dad is very critical and angers easily. But she always discusse the issue over with me after. She rarely gets mad, but when she does, we know it !!! She never raised her voice to us but her voice tone and looks get the job done

I can only hope to be half as good as her when I am a mother
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Name: Marisa
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Re: Tell us about your mom - August 22nd 2010, 04:35 PM

I have not had the best relationship with my mom. My mom is an recovering alcoholic and and my dad is a recovering drug abuser/substance abuser. My parents got divorced because of my dad's substance abuse problems. When my dad went off to rehab it was just me, my sister, and my mom. My mom became really violent and angry. She would verbally abuse us and sometimes physically. She kicked me out of the house 2 weeks before christmas, i was 1o years old. I did not know were to go so i thought maybe she was just in a bad mood and i can come back later that evening. So i went back later in the evening and she told me that she said i can't be in the house and i have to get the "hell" out. she then became violent and started throwing things at me and screaming at me and my sister. She then called a friend and had her physically abuse us. That night i got hit by a baseball bat by my own mommy. My sister got hurt as well. My mom then tried to throw things at us but she got cut by the object and that made her more angrier and she said this is all your fault and you need to leave now. your daddy is not here to be your protector to bad for you. So i slept that night by the school i go to and i found a place to stay for a week. my sister snuck me food and water and told me that i am sorry that this happened to you. To this day i am still hesitant when i am around my mom. I spend the majority of my time with my dad. i feel really comfortable with him. I am afraid that if i completely allow my mom back in my life she will just hurt me again and i can't handle any more stress. I will see my mom for coffee today and i am a little nervous because i don't feel safe when i am with her.
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Name: Ashley
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Re: Tell us about your mom - August 22nd 2010, 07:36 PM

my mom is a hero, she is the most amazing woman ever, not to mention the most amazing supermom EVER. my moms mom(my grandma on my moms side) is in a 24 care facility, but my mom constantly goes to visit and does everything for her mom, after my moms dad died we had to move my moms mom here because she can't live alone due to so many health issues which have progressed in severity over the past few years. my mom makes sure her mom is taken care of. my mom also cleans the house, she fills my pillbox for me she is always making sure i have all of my meds and calls for efills when its time, she cleans my room for me, she makes my bed does my laundry and takes care of me since i myself and not physically very strong and its very difficult for me to get around and do normal things. my mom is always there for me when i need her. she cooks,and she akes me to EVERY SINGLE ONE of my doctors appointment. my mom does so much for me and our family, my dad on the other hand works a lot he is a great dad and a great husband but it bothers me when he takes advantage of everything my mom does for us, he forgets that shes got enough to handle but never complains. my second oldest brother nick is a complete jerk, he used to yell at my mom over the dumbest things he still does that often, he's constantly lying to her and doesnt appreciate everything she has done for him. my oldest brother stephen is very thankful and appreciative. my mom is just plain amazing, she puts up with alot, and i am so thankful that she's my mom, once she even helped me "tag" my friends band trailer with all their gear in it. she helped me hang up signs on it, she was my partner in crime!
i love my mom

I was born with a genetic disorder called neurofibromatosis, it causes tumors to grow in my body on nerves,my spine,and under my skin. I have a tumor in the thalamus region of my brain. I also have heartburn,hypothyroidism and secondary adrenal insufficiency these are under control with medication.
I also have hip dysplasia and scoliosis.

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Name: Anon
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Re: Tell us about your mom - August 23rd 2010, 02:22 AM

My mom...oh joy, let's talk about her! In general, she's actually not that bad - no alcoholism, she's a stay at home mom that wants to work, she's not happy with her life but she doesn't try to let it show, and at times she can be funny or random.

And then there's the times I just want to bury my head in a pillow and scream, because she's just so damn sure that she's not moody. Sure, my siblings are around to constantly push her over the edge, but that's no excuse.

And o-o-o-h boy, when it comes to me it's just awesome. I don't think she even knows how upset she makes me by dragging me to church, convinced that my agnostic atheism will fade even though half of the websites I look at are atheist blogs or comedy articles. She nearly left when I revealed that I was bisexual, and I'm sort of scared about what she must have been considering when two years before that I told her I was a lesbian (I liked girls first). She refuses to let me acknowledge my agnostic atheism or bisexual nature around the house or anyone she knows, and she thinks she controls half of my life.

So yeah, it's a roller coaster. But not near as bad as some, so I guess I'm lucky in that regard.
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Re: Tell us about your mom - August 23rd 2010, 05:20 AM

My mom lives far-ish away and I don't see her often, but for the first part of my life she was always there, physically. She went through a lot of pain as a child and as an adult. She's savvy, assertive, and strong, but alcoholism and depression over those painful things took her away. I'm a terrible person but now my life's so rough, I ignore her calls a lot (if it's after 8, she's drunk anyway.) She's a good person, and a loving mom, but an injured woman... I love her, but sometimes I don't know what to do about her. -shakes head-

Why is it that so often, my friend, those who are extremely successful in virtually everything they do are so unable to see that this is the case?

Yeah, you might not be the right person to ask.
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Name: Andrea
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Re: Tell us about your mom - August 23rd 2010, 06:52 AM

One word: awesome.
She is the best mom ever I cannot imagine not having her in my life.
She listens to us and she comforts us (my brothers and me) she is lovely and never judged me with anything I did and I was a really troublemaker back in the day. She sacrificed a good career she had to stay home and raise us, she cooks really good. We like to argue about current topics in the news and two times a week we sit together and watch a TV show in Discovery Channel called Forensic Detectives. She is the best ever I could not even think what would be of me without her support and understanding.

Everyone is born right-handed. Only the greatest overcome it.
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Name: Emma
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Re: Tell us about your mom - August 23rd 2010, 09:02 AM

My mum is absolutely awesome! I love her soo much and I dont know what I would do without her! We both have our problems, I am anorexic and my mum has depression and binge eating disorder (she does not have severe BED) but we still help each other through it! I have lived with just her since just before I was 7...and this has given us more of a friend relationship, I talk to her like I talk to my friends, I can say anything to her and same from her to me. We are just so unbelievably close, i find its very different than my friends.
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Re: Tell us about your mom - August 23rd 2010, 12:45 PM

I don't really get on with my mum. I'm totally my daddy's girl. My mum is the type who continuously talks and criticises everything I do. I guess I've figured that I'll never be good enough for her, but I still try. When I was in hospital I refused to see her because she infuriates me that much.
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Name: Katie
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Re: Tell us about your mom - August 23rd 2010, 02:50 PM

I love my mom to death, our relationship changed when I got old enough to make more decisions for myself. She guides me as opposed to parenting now. I would probably say she's authoritative which is the right mixture of having authority without going overboard. We did have some yelling screaming fights when I was younger (mostly over homework when I got frustrated). We don't fight or yell anymore. We barely argue even mostly because we agree on things most of the time and we can tell what the other is thinking sometimes.

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"Freedom is what you do with what's been done to you." Jean Paul Sarte
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Re: Tell us about your mom - August 23rd 2010, 08:31 PM

To be honest when I was a teenager I really didn't like my mom... simply because we are two pees in a pod... we're both such strong minded people that we were always at eachother's throats. Once I moved out and started my own life our relationship became ALOT better, we're like best friends now and being so alike it a positive thing now instead of a negative thing.

"When it comes down to it I let them think what they want, if they care enough to bother with what I do then I'm already better than them." Marilyn Monroe.
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Name: Matt
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Re: Tell us about your mom - August 24th 2010, 01:38 PM

She's a great parent and we can relate on a lot of matters.
She's the firstborn out of two children as well, so she knows what it can be.
She is a bit overprotective however (probably because her mother was), but due to the fact I'm not exactly "normal" it doesn't really matter.
But of course, no one really knows me except me, so we have quite a few misunderstandings.

One million miles away...
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Name: Charlotte
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Re: Tell us about your mom - August 25th 2010, 05:02 AM

My mum is absolutely the best mum I could have ever dreamed of asking for. I love her so, so much. She has always been there for me, and I know that she always will be. We may have the occasional tiff, but at the end of the day, she's the one I turn to when I don't even know how to explain what's wrong. She's the one I call to ask for help or advice, even when it's something silly. I love traveling with her because we're fascinated by the same things and have the same mentality.

It struck me the other day that if my future kids can feel about me the way I feel about her, that'll be enough to make me happy. That's all I would want.

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9 out of every 10 problems in relationships can be solved by talking. So why are we so damn quiet?
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Re: Tell us about your mom - August 25th 2010, 05:46 AM

My Mum can be extremely critical, and expects huge success from me. On the flip side, she can also be very caring. However, I wouldn't say we get on particularly well, mostly due to our differing opinions on various matters. I don't feel comfortable being very open with her, we can have awesome conversations but they're rarely, if ever personal. I do love her though.

"You are not entitled to your opinion. You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant."
~ Harlan Ellison

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Re: Tell us about your mom - August 25th 2010, 12:31 PM

My mum is the person i love the most in the world. She is also the person i hate most.

She's cool, she fun, she puts everyone else before herself, she'd do absolutely anything in the world for me. We're so very alike. I love staying up all night watching movies with her. I love doing anything with her. When she's good she's fecking amazing..

Then she changes and she's hateful, abusive, horrible, angry and so so so hurtful.

If i keep telling myself that its not her fault, that she's sick then i love her.

Right now she hates me...but i love her. I hope this bad spell ends soon. I miss my mum

But so many people are looking to me
to be strong and to fight

but i'm just surviving
and I may be weak but I'm never defeated

and I'll keep believing
in clouds with that sweet silver lining

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