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CAdancergirl19 September 24th 2011 08:35 PM

What should I do?
So, one of best friends used to hang out with me all the time on the weekends. Recently, every time I ask if she wants to hang out or if I even call her to just chat she says she is too busy. She is my only friend who I can call up to hang out because my other friends live farther north and it takes forever to drive to my house. Her excuses: field hockey, too tired, math homework, cousin home from college, studying, cleaning, shopping, etc. She won't answer emails and she doesn't have a cell phone. Yet she expects me to always answer her emails. Is she blowing me off or am I making things up?

Dr.Bobby September 24th 2011 10:44 PM

Re: What should I do?
Ask her what's going on.

Whenever you're dealing with new behavior form someone, it's always best to just make an observation about the behavior and nask them what's going on. Just be careful to not sound too accusatory.

Sometimes, life has a way of just taking our time and we're not even aware of how it impacts our other responsibilities/commitments (like to friends). So, by bringing it up in a non defensive way, you give them the opportunity to make the necessary adjustments to their lifestyles (if possible), or at least clarify their change in their feelings or priorities towards you.

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