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Google November 7th 2011 08:25 PM

Where Can I go?
I'm 16 and it's a month into the school year and I haven't started school because me and my dad(mom is not in the picture any more) and moving in with my grandfather because of financial reasons. Now I have the option of living with him and my grandfather or my grandmother on my moms side of the family.

This choice is hard because they are both awful.

My Dad can't manage money at all. When he gets his check at the beginning of the month he just goes and blows it. Every time I get money he expects me to give him gas money and all.

I have lived with my grandmother before and it was terrible. She has a nice house and all but I can't do anything without being questioned. I literally can't get some water without being questioned 100 times. When I was going to school while living there I was on a schedule with a bedtime and all. Not to mention my aunt is also living there and she is just as bad as my grandmother. I can't walk downstairs without shoes on, I can't eat if it's not X time, etc etc.

So it's really a choice of being miserable because I'm unstable with my Dad or being miserable because I can't breathe with my grandmother and aunt around and feel like I'm going to snap.

I have tried to get into a boarding school but they are all pretty expensive and it's a month into the school year so getting financial aid seems impossible.

PSY November 18th 2011 06:04 AM

Re: Where Can I go?
Hello, and welcome to TeenHelp! =)

Where will you have the most support, outside of your home? Neither situation is ideal; however, either situation will be much easier if you can turn to friends, teachers, and other people/organizations during stressful times. If your father isn't financially responsible, then you may not have the opportunity to meet new people due to your part-time job. If you live with your grandmother and aunt, though, you may not be allowed to leave the house in order to meet new people. Only you can decide which situation will be more favorable toward your developing a supportive network of friends outside of your home.

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