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Ambedo. November 27th 2011 08:36 PM

I'm The Problem.
Okay, I'm not really sure if anything can be done to fix this, but I'm gonna put it out there. I have a tendency of changing for my friends. None of them have ever asked me to do it. I just do it because I'm scared of losing them. I'm used to being hurt by people, so if I find someone that seems to genuinely care about me, I cling to them and try to change my ways to make sure they don't hate me. Usually, I end up breaking off the friendship at some point. It's usually because I start to think I'm getting annoying and I'm not worthy of their friendship. If it's not that, it's because I get paranoid that they don't really like me and they just pity me. It's ridiculous and I hate it.

Chris November 28th 2011 07:23 AM

Re: I'm The Problem.
Believe it or not, alot of teens have done this (even without them realizing it).

I personally have done it all through my Jr High and my freshman year. Eventually I just got fed up with it. I lost about 10 friends, but once I sticked to once personality, and one way, I gained much much more. My confidence has gone up, and I feel alot happier not that when I was changing myself. Its not something you can do over night, I actually did it over the summer and came back into my Sophmore year kinda new. I have sense then build so many new friendships over the last year and a half. You will always loose friends, but once you stick to one way, usally the friendships you build last alot longer.

I hope eventually that you realize you are doing yourself more harm that good by changing yourself.

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