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Katie Lydia March 31st 2009 10:59 PM

She's constantly putting me down!
Ok in my other thread i wrote about how i have a mahoosive crush on my boss well this is a different problem about her now.

When we're together at work mucking out the horses etc. we get on great, always laughing or just chatting away but see when one of our friends come up to do their horse or to help out she constantly shows me up or embarasses me. We make fun of each other in a joking way but when other people come up to the stables she goes too far and turns nasty, im constantly made to feel stupid, embarassed or upset.

I know some of the replies would say "tell her how you feel" blah blah but she's so stubborn, according to her it's never her fault blah blah. She sometimes uses the fact i have depression against me telling me im taking it to heart or im overreacting.

How do i overcome that?

SimplyComplex March 31st 2009 11:15 PM

Re: She's constantly putting me down!
Hey Katie,

I know she may be stubborn, but talking with her might help. You never know how she'll react until you try, you know? But, I understand where you're coming from. What she does, might seem harmless to her, but she should consider your feelings too. If you start joking around with her, and she begins to go to far, maybe you should just ignore her? Continue doing your job and joke around with your boss. Eventually, when she stops getting a reactions, hopefully she'll stop making fun of you. Attempting to make fun of her in return might make a bad impression on your boss, which is probably unwanted on your part. Also, getting even only lowers yourself to her level, so I don't recommend it. Maybe you should cut the joking with her completely? If she always goes to far, cut the problem off at the source. Most of all, don't let it get to you, ok? You're a good person, regardless of what she says. Know who you are, because you know yourself better than anyone else can. Remember that and smile because you're not taking someone else down the way she is.

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