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mandyrleon October 16th 2014 11:08 AM

How do you connect with your teenagers?
Do your teenagers listen to what you are saying
Can you effectively build rapport with them?
If you could have conversations with your teenagers, effectively build rapport and know they are listening to you then you would be able to communicate, connect and help them build even more confidence as they grow from teenagers into independent capable young adults. Because you communicate, connect and help them build confidence it means more self esteem, more self worth and even more self belief and it makes teenagers even more capable of making bigger decisions. Raising their own standards themselves to be the best they can be.
"Allow Your Teenagers Room To Grow."
Out of fear most parents try to stay in control of their teenagers and by staying in control most teenagers feel caged in. By the age of 15 teenagers are ready to start finding their own way and because they are finding their own way it means exploring new things, becoming even more curious about their future and are looking for more freedom.
Teenagers have watched you as their parents, role modelling, while putting there own meanings on events they have seen, heard and felt. To build rapport and use communication strategies to stay connected with your teenagers means moving yourself from control to trust.

Adolescence is a developmental stage wherein children transition from childhood to adulthood. It is a period where teenagers undergo social, emotional, and physical changes. During this period, teenagers learn to be independent and discover their self-identity. Adolescence is often characterized by various issues including peer pressure, alcohol and drug use, and sexuality issues.
Several behavioral changes are also being experienced by teenagers during their adolescent years. Through these years, teenagers learn to make their own decisions, freely express their opinions and ideas, and develop their own personality. Adolescence is the stage where teenagers have more active social life, build relationship with others, and deal with several health issues.

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