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MWF March 7th 2016 06:48 AM

I can't motivate myself to save my life. At my old school, I had a clear goal in mind: I was gonna get my grades up, get the fuck out and go to my dream school, where I'm at now. But now, its just NOTHING. I can't motivate myself to work on homework or get a job. I've finished one small homework assignment over the last 5 hours. In truth, I had absolutely no ambition besides coming here. Like, this is it. My dream job would be being a househusband who watches the kids. My only dreams ever were: go to school here (and I forgot about the "school" part) and get married (which is laughable considering my history with women). I just can't motivate myself with ANYTHING. Not with money, not with helping people, not with even having friends... I guess the closest thing I feel to motivation is not making my family ashamed of me- and thats not motivating me very much. Hell, I dream of going on a dangerous and probably extremely uncomfortable adventure over having a steady job.
I could work for hours on end with a pin-point focus at my old school. I'm constantly sabotaging myself here. Even this post is partly just a way to procrastinate, and I can justify it by saying it is even remotely productive. I've gotten one small assignment done over the last 5 hours of "doing homework".

Jupiter March 7th 2016 11:09 AM

Re: Motivation
Hey Robert,

I think your problem is that you don't have anything to really aim for. Househusband is nice and all but you should start investigating career choices based on your passions. When you finally have something to aim for, you'll eventually start getting more and more motivated. Just spend 10 minutes here and there looking up different careers; eventually you'll find an area that may be of interest and you'll go from there. I can totally see why homework is such a chore for you - it was a pain in the back for me as well. Once you figure this out though, it'll all come easier.

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