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math_lover_161803 June 27th 2016 06:49 AM

Depressed and Lacking Motivation
(Some may not make sense out of context but you may ask me for clarifications through this thread or through PM)

Hi guys,

(Note that this is not my main account).

I am in a bit of a predicament here. I think I am experiencing burn out. I have trouble focusing during olympiads. I was just doing a regular timed 4.5 hr oly. I find myself unable to focus after an hour and shift onto negative thoughts whenever I have no progress. I donít think my heart is in it anymore really. After solving problems, I donít feel like writing the solutions, when I do, I realize there are many details I leave out and have to end up scrapping a large chunk of my useless solution and redoing. ughh. These thoughts come up as well during contests when Iím stuck. This depression has started around a year and half ago for me. I could still focus well last year, but I cantí anymore.

I have done quite poorly in previous IMOs, and this is my last. I want to finish off this final one well, but I canít since I suck. There is a lot of pressure for me to do well, namely parents and college applications. I used to really enjoy math, but now, there is a lot of additional pressure I did not use to have. Iím only doing it now because I have to. I want it over and done with. How do I essentially get rid of these negative thoughts, especially in the middle of the contest?

I have more pressure with another olympiad after IMO as well. Iím sure Iíll fail that as well too.

I think I am experiencing burnout because my statistics have gone down. In my countries TSTs (team selection tests), I had two zeros. Iíve never experienced this before in the more than tens of tests I've taken. Also my combined test scores in our training camp went down from mid-60 percent last year to 58% this year. I am very afraid of failure at the IMO.

Please feel free to pm me.

thanks everyone.

Chuuya June 27th 2016 07:55 PM

Re: Depressed and Lacking Motivation
I don't really know math terms very well so please bear with me :nosweat:

I think it's pretty normal to get burnt out on things that you once loved - a lot of people experience something similar too. Myself included.

It is really frustrating, especially when it can affect school, college applications and your future. Have you thought about taking a step back from it and taking a break? Sometimes a break is such a good idea to just rejuvenate yourself and give you a second to relax and reset in a way.

It might also help to think about why you first started to love math in the first place, and maybe write about those things, like reflecting on them in a journal of some sort?

I hope this helps a bit. Good luck!

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